Top 5 Tips for Planning Affordable Family Vacations

Some studies show that taking a vacation every year can actually boost health and happiness. However, planning and budgeting for one can seem stressful and time-consuming. We have good news. Families can have a great vacation without busting the budget, which may help reduce stress. Don’t settle for a staycation, and check out these tips for planning affordable family vacations.

5 Planning Tips: Advice on Affordable Family Vacations

Consider the Off-season

Schedule vacation in the off-season. Families can enjoy the advantages of an in-season vacation at budget rates by visiting vacation resorts just before or after peak season. The farther off-season the vacation, the greater the savings. In addition to savings, off-season guests enjoy less crowds, fun events and a more local experience.

Look at Last-minute Deals

If transportation costs pose a problem and schedules allow, take advantage of last-minute airfare deals. Several apps and websites offer reduced airfare and will compare different airlines. Just keep in mind baggage fees and weather.

Drive, Don’t Fly

If vacation dates aren’t flexible, explore nearby vacation spots. Many people live within driving distance to a beach, lake or mountain area. Additionally with the rise of short-term vacation rentals, it’s never been easier to find private accommodations in the U.S. Pick a destination and search for apartments, condos and homes.

Book a Vacation Rental

Forget pricey hotels. Save on lodging costs by booking a vacation rental. Beautiful beach rentals, cozy mountain cabins and urban flats provide more space than typical hotel rooms and offer more amenities. Imagine parents and children having their own rooms and bathrooms. Want to bring uncles, aunts and grandparents? They can come, too.

Even better, many vacation rental websites offer special discounts and deals that help families save more money. Check out iTrip Vacations® deals.

Enjoy Family Meals

Restaurants can take a chunk out of vacation budgets. To save on food costs, eat breakfast at home before sightseeing, and pack a picnic lunch for a day at the beach. If traveling with kids, pack snacks and drinks in a cooler or lunchbox. Then use that savings to sample local cuisine during dinnertime, try new attractions and visit shops.

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