Vacation Rental Questions Answered by Experts: Get the Facts

The words ‘vacation rental’ keep popping up in the news. The industry has exceeded expectations and enjoyed impressive growth over the last few years. However, many people don’t know what to expect when booking a vacation rental. So, our team got together to answer a few of the most asked vacation rental questions.

“Consumer awareness of our space in vacation rentals continues to soar,” says Tom Bissmeyer, iTrip Vacations® co-founder. “My daughter and her 12 friends recently traveled for a bachelorette party, and they all stayed in one house versus several hotel rooms. Not only was this more enjoyable for them; it was more economical.”

But what makes the vacation rental experience so much better?

Find Popular Vacation Rental Questions Answered Below

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Does more space mean more money?

You’ll actually save money. Many think vacation rentals are more expensive than hotel rooms, but booking a vacation rental could save hundreds or thousands of dollars on accommodations.

A group of six may have to book two or three hotel rooms per night, which can cost thousands of dollars. However, a vacation rental can accommodate the group at a fraction of the cost, even as much as one-third. Many rentals also come with fully equipped kitchens and washers and dryers, allowing guests to save money on dining out and laundry services.

If something goes wrong, do I have to take care of it?

Most times not. That wouldn’t be much of a vacation, would it? Vacation rental property management companies, such as iTrip Vacations®, have a local team ready to assist you. Each rental is managed by a local property manager who either addresses the issue directly or sends a specialized professional to the rescue.

Vacation rentals managed by property managers give guests 24/7 access to someone in the area, ensuring any issues are resolved. These managers also work with other local businesses specialized in cleaning, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other important home services.

Do I need to book well in advance?

Not at all. You can book anytime without penalty. Many vacation rentals offer the same scheduling flexibility as hotels. In fact, you can find special discounts and deals for last-minute bookings. If you prefer to plan in advance, you can do that too, and receive quotes months in advance.

But I have to stay for at least a week, right?

Actually, you can find vacation rentals for quick trips and extended stays. Many rentals offer flexibility in minimum stays, and in the off-season these provide ideal weekend getaway accommodations. You’ll also find quick trips in popular destinations as well as more remote spots. With vacation rentals, you can book exactly what you need for as long as you need it.

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Why stay in a crowded hotel room when you can spread out and relax in a vacation rental?

What if I don’t have a large group or family?

That’s okay, too. Vacation rental homes come in all sizes and styles, providing guests with as little or much space as they need. Whether looking for a small studio, one- or two-bedroom condo, or large four-plus-bedroom house, you’ll find a vacation rental suited for you.

Rentals also offer more location options. Do you want resort amenities like spas and on-site restaurants? What about a gated community in a quiet community? It’s easy to find all that and more when you search vacation rentals.

How is the quality of the rental?

This ranks among the top vacation rental questions. When you book with a vacation property management company, all rentals are professionally inspected for quality. Before your stay, crews check the rental thoroughly to ensure everything is clean and in working order.

Property managers also partner with professional designers and companies to keep every rental up-to-date and looking its best. These managers also stock rentals with common supplies, such as toiletries, paper towels and dishes.

Final thoughts about vacation rentals.

Simply put, vacation rentals offer more space, cost less, reduce other spending and include more options than hotels. Property managers also deliver more personalized services and work hard to ensure each guest has a vacation they’ll never forget.

“Booking vacation rentals is a trend that is here to stay and growing evermore each and every year,” Bissmeyer says. “There has never been a better time to consider a vacation rental for your next trip.”

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