Spring and Summer Decorating: How to Spruce Up Rental Homes

Spring and summer often bring sunshine and warm temperatures. They also represent a stage of new growth, as trees bud, wildflowers bloom and wildlife come out of hibernation. These changes provide the perfect opportunity to decorate vacation rentals in bright colors and refresh each room for new guests. Embrace the season! Read these spring and summer decorating tips to get rentals ready.

Spring and Summer Decorating Tips for Vacation Rentals

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Photo: iTrip Vacations® St. Petersburg Beaches

Bright Bedding and Throw Pillows

Swap out Earth tones with bright bedding and throw pillows to add pops of color. Doing so will brighten the room and allow natural light to shine throughout the home.

Choose bedding and throw pillows that match each room’s theme. For spring and summer, try contemporary patterns for comforters, pillows and pillow covers to complement bedding. On couches and chairs, add bright throw pillows and replace cushions with vibrant colors.

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Consider Painting

Vacation rental managers may consider painting for two reasons: age and appeal. It’s time to paint if the rental looks dated or has damage from weather elements. From an aesthetics view, consider painting a small area to brighten the space. In addition, repainting or adding a new color can make a room look different and feel new.

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Replace Rugs and Curtains

How long has it been since rugs and curtains have been replaced? If it’s been awhile, look for wear and tear. Find rugs that have fun patterns in bright colors, and hang curtains that flow when guests open windows.

Add Fresh Plants and Flowers

Spring represents a season of rebirth, and with that comes seasonal flowers and plants. Why not showcase them throughout the home? Visit a local farmers market to buy local flowers and plants. Place them in the home, especially on the dining room table, outdoor patio and living room.

When considering which ones to buy, choose non-toxic plants and flowers that will not harm children or pets. To keep everyone safe, hanging baskets work well instead of a placing pots on the floor.

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iTrip Vacations® Laguna Beach

Change Table Settings

Dress up dining areas with bright patterns and colors. Think blues, pinks, reds, yellows and oranges, and change all table settings to vibrant tones. Table settings include: place mats, plates, cups and napkins.

In addition, consider traveling families and purchase kid-friendly options as well. Children and parents will both appreciate special plates and plastic cups that improve the at-home dining experience.

Hire a Landscaper

Many rental managers stay busy and don’t have time to weed, plant shrubs and groom outdoor areas. Hire a landscaper to trim foliage, plant new ones if needed, add gravel or mulch, and swap out perennials. A professionally landscaped yard greets guests as soon as they arrive and encourages them to enjoy both indoor and outdoor spaces. Read more about creating vacation rental outdoor spaces.

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Fill the Fireplace

If the rental has a fireplace, fill it with a silk arrangement or decorative basket. In some cases, it’s too warm to use the fireplace, so add a decorative element instead of leaving an empty hole in the room. If the fireplace is working and has a door or screen, make sure it’s clean and looks its best.

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Swap Out Art

Each room should have at least one piece of art that pulls the décor together with the room. Spring and summer provide ideal times to swap out prints, posters, canvases and signs to create a new atmosphere. Rentals in urban markets can showcase local artists, skylines and murals. For beach rentals, consider local art that represents the area. In mountain rentals, replace skis and snowshoes hanging on the wall with summertime prints. Hello, wildflowers.

Use New Scents

Spring and summer decorating experts also suggest trying new scents throughout the home. Replace those pumpkin spice plug-ins with watermelon, lemon or strawberry. A rental that smells clean and fresh is sure to wow guests.

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