Vacation Rental Outdoor Spaces: Design Something Guests Love

Updating vacation rental outdoor spaces not only enable guests to enjoy the rental more, but it also helps increase its appeal. When designed well, outdoor spaces create an area to share with loved ones and offer a quiet space to enjoy with a book and beverage. In addition, outdoor spaces photograph well and provide optimal views of nearby scenery. So if you’re ready to stand out, here are some tips about updating vacation rental outdoor spaces.

8 Design Tips for Vacation Rental Outdoor Spaces

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Provide Comfortable Seating

Start with where guests sit. While plastic may be cost effective, consider investing in comfortable outdoor seating that works with the space. For large areas, add a love seat and comfortable chairs paired together. For small patios, bright and clean cushions on chairs work well.

Other ideas include: adjustable lounge chairs by the pool, rocking chairs for mountain homes and cabins, or full living room-style suits for large areas.

Create a Dining Area

Imagine sitting on the patio or deck, overlooking the scenery and enjoying a home-cooked meal with loved ones. This idea becomes a reality when guests have a dining area to enjoy. Depending on the space, provide a table and chairs for at least two guests — with table settings. Weather also factors into dining options, so if you can’t set the table, stock plenty of plates, glasses and utensils for guest use.

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Use Shade and Cover

Awnings and umbrellas increase guest comfort while spending time outdoors – especially in warmer months. Add a retractable awning for additional shade, and provide large umbrellas over tables and chairs. This is especially important for areas that receive a lot of sun and have metal furniture, as metal tends to draw in heat. Shade allows everyone to stay cooler and protects them against the sun’s harmful rays.

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Add a Grill or Fire Pit

When the weather is right, guests love firing up the grill. Additionally, fall and winter bring cool evenings where families can gather by the fire. If space allows, provide a grill on the deck or patio and all needed utensils. For rentals with a backyard, consider a fire pit with additional seating. Whether used for cooking or warming up, families will enjoy this intimate outdoor setting that invites warmth and conversation.

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Welcome Nature

Professional landscaping not only creates a personal oasis; it makes for some eye-catching photos. Use native plants and flowers to liven focal areas, such as front porches, patios and backyards. Plant perennials outside, so they bloom every season and provide a fresh welcome anytime of year.

Add Seasonal Decor

Chair cushions can wear over time, so replace them with updated patterns and colors. For spring and summer, think bright colors with fabric that reflects heat and light. This keeps guests comfortable and cool as they relax outside.

To amp up the design of the space, choose outdoor art and umbrellas that match and create a theme. Pick colors and pieces that reflect the destination to give guests a true local feel.

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Design Around the Main Feature

What’s the main draw outdoors? Is it a table, seating area, garden or fire pit? Regardless of the feature, design a space that attracts guests to it and keeps them there.

If there’s not a focal point, then use the surrounding area. For example, condos on the beach should design spaces that allow guests to sit outside and watch waves crash into shore. Mountain rentals can add rocking chairs that overlook lush foliage and encourages wildlife-watching. Rentals in urban cities offer areas suited for people-watching and observing city life. Designing around the main feature entices guests to stay outdoors and enjoy the local surroundings.

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Make a Path

For homes with yards, create an easy path for visitors to come and go. Ideas include walkways, flush stone steps, sidewalks and ramps for wheelchairs. Build paths that lead to different areas, such as from the car to the front door. This provides guests a safe walk and helps keep everything clean, as they’re not trekking through grass, sand or dirt.

Inside and outside doors, leave plenty of mats and rugs to protect high-traffic areas. Choose rugs and mats that fit the overall theme and tie it all together.

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