Short-term Rental Supply vs. Demand: How to Make Properties Stand Out

The number of homeowners deciding to rent out their property is higher than ever, 25% more than 2021 (Wall Street Journal). With all the short-term rental supply and competition crowding for the same guests, it’s important to ensure your home stands out from the competition. Don’t miss out on bookings and take a fresh look at your property for the following things.

How to Stand Out from the Current Short-term Rental Supply

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First, look at the property reviews and address concerns. Do you need fresh pillows? New sofa? Updated TVs? Any items showing wear and tear should be replaced.

Do the photos and the property itself create a cozy, inviting atmosphere? Is the decor intentional throughout the home and clutter tucked away?

Is there comfortable seating for at least your home’s occupancy?

Pretend you’re the guest. Would you rent your property? Compare your features to other properties you might rent. What could create a better experience?

Focus on the primary bedroom. This is where the person booking and reviewing the property spends the most time. Is there a place to put their suitcase? Will they sleep well on the mattress? Does it feel inviting?

Specific Amenities to Compete with Short-term Rental Supply and Demand

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Thinking as a guest can also help decide what to include within the home and feature in the listing description. While amenities depend on the area and seasonality, here are some ideas to get started.

  • Workstation/desk and chair: Consider work from home or homeschooling situations
  • Cooler for drinks and snacks
  • High-speed internet, WiFi: Include speeds in listings
  • Small appliances in the kitchen: griddle, blender, hand mixer, slow cooker
  • BBQ/Fire Pit
  • Foosball/Arcade game
  • Books: Go thrifting and find great books for great prices. Remove the covers on hard books and use them in decor.
  • Phone charging capabilities: HDMI outlet in lamps, alarm clocks, outlets, etc.
  • Games: Yard games, card games, board games, puzzles, video games
  • Hammock or Hammock Swing
  • Card Table
  • Kayaks
  • Bike Rack
  • Pool Toys
  • Ski Storage/Racks
  • Luggage Racks
  • Beach Gear/Towels/Sand Tools
  • Bluetooth Speakers

Get Those Kitchens Guest-Ready

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There’s nothing like hot comfort food on a cold winter’s day — or a fresh salad on a hot summer day. Ensure guests have the right tools to get the job done – whether cooking, baking, or serving drinks to friends and family while guesting in the home. Here are some creative ways to spruce up the kitchen.

Mugs: Dishwasher and microwave safe

Tea/Coffee Bar: Flavored syrups, local honey, and local roasts

Hot Chocolate Bar: Candy canes, marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate bombs, or flavored stir-ins like salted caramel or cayenne pepper

Easy Meals: Crock Pot, InstaPot, air fryer

Cool Weather Meals: Soup bowls, ladles and serving spoons

Silverware: Plenty of spoons and forks! At least 2 per person, but the more the better. No one wants to spend their vacation washing dishes.

Bakeware: Bread pan, cake pan, casserole dishes, pizza pan

Easy Cleaning: Silicone oven liner

After making these adjustments to meet short-term rental supply strategies, learn about pricing short-term rentals.

Article contributors: Amber Knight and Valerie Goodman