Winter in Maui: Things to Do While on Vacation in Hawaii

During winter in the U.S., the days become cold and short. Clouds roll in bringing snow and rain, leaving some people longing for sunshine and warmer temperatures. The cure? Consider visiting Maui. The island offers several outdoor activities and creative ways to celebrate holidays. To get started, learn about winter in Maui and find fun things to do.

Winter in Maui: Guide to Off-season Adventures

Go Whale-watching

It may come as a surprise, but winter is prime whale-watching season in Maui. Beginning in December and lasting until mid-May humpback whales migrate to Maui’s warm waters to retreat from colder temperatures. Top viewing months include January through March.

Celebrate Christmas

Those visiting Maui during December will see Santa, who often ditches the red suit for shorts and flip-flops. Aside from Santa, Christmas in Maui brings several festivals, concerts and craft fairs that showcase local artists. What a perfect opportunity to buy some last-minute gifts for the holidays. Don’t miss the lighting of the giant Banyan tree in Lahaina to help everyone get in the season.

Play Golf

With year-round playing conditions, Maui welcomes golfers to play a round on one of the island’s courses. While winter temps may dip into the ’50s, it doesn’t stop golfers from testing their skills. In fact, may prefer to play golf in Maui during the winter because it’s not as hot or windy. A few top courses include Ka’anapali Golf Courses, Maui Country Club and Wailea Blue Golf Course.

Ride the Big Surf

Surfing enthusiasts will want to pack a wetsuit and surfboard to ride big waves in Maui. Winter storms bring big swells to the area, and most areas offer large waves for skilled surfers.

Attend an Event

While planning look for special events and live entertainment hosted on the island. From the Maui Whale Festival in February to local events at shopping centers and restaurants, there’s plenty of new things to see. Many even offer live Hawaiian music and the chance to try authentic cuisine.

Beat the winter blues and book a Maui winter vacation today! Then read our picks for the top Maui restaurants for fresh flavors.