How to Build Sandcastles: Create an Awesome Masterpiece

Building sandcastles is a fun way to spend a day at the beach. It provides a free, hands-on activity for all ages and let’s the group spend quality time together. However, unless the beach is home, may visitors don’t know where to begin or know how to build sandcastles. Here are some quick tips.

Learn How to Build Sandcastles: 5 Quick Tips

  1. Get right tools. Pros use architectural forms and sculpting tools to create incredible works of art, but plastic pails in several sizes, a couple of shovels, a squirt bottle and eager hands will get the job done. If planning a more elaborate sculpture, scrounge around your rental or home for the following: measuring spoons, plastic measuring cups, plastic ruler, putty knife, stiff brushes for texture, screwdrivers to draw lines or poke holes. If borrowing, make sure to clean properly after use.
  2. Compaction is the key to a successful sandcastle. Pile moist sand into piles with a shovel or hands, then use your palms to tamp it down firmly before sculpting. Wet sand can also be pressed into buckets and other forms.
  3. Use small shovels, spoons and your hands to carve, mold and smooth the sand into shapes.
  4. Spray your sculpture with water frequently to keep it moist.
  5. Take your time. This activity can provide hours of fun, so enjoy it. Make sure to take pictures to capture the memory.

Bonus: Attend a Sandcastle Competition

Love sandcastles? Check out the Newport Beach annual Sandcastle Contest in October. Hosted by the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce, the much-anticipated event draws thousands of spectators to watch professional and amateur sand sculptors vie for prizes and bragging rights. Families can join the fun as well.

Other sandcastle competitions occur all over the U.S. For those visiting Florida, read about events in Fort Myers Beach and Siesta Key.