Google Vacation Rentals: How to List a Short-term Property

Google is one of the most used search engines in the world. Every day, millions of people use the search engine to find information. That is one reason why the Google vacation rentals is an exciting integration for short-term rental property owners. Keep reading to learn more about the process and how to connect with a professional iTrip manager who can help onboard properties.

Benefits of Listing on Google Vacation Rentals

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Listing a short-term rental on Google comes with a few perks such as having access to a larger audience, free direct bookings and referrals, and increased search engine results. All of this creates a seamless user experience, which may lead to more exposure and bookings. That means more money for homeowners and investors.

Important note: Those planning to list should note that shared rooms, partial houses and peer-to-peer rentals are not eligible for Google integration (as of January 2023).

How to Get Started

The site offers three processes for getting started with Google vacation rentals. These include connectivity partners such as property management software providers; individual property managers; and online travel agencies.

To ease the onboarding process, Google recommends working with an approved partner in the connectivity network. Connectivity partners are companies that specialize in vacation rental software and marketing vacation rentals.

Individual property managers with less than 1,000 listings should partner with a connectivity partner. However, Google will offer consideration to managers with less than 1,000 who provide accurate, real-time pricing feeds and a high-quality landing page with direct booking functionality.

Not Sure About Qualification?

In addition, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) aggregate listings and store them on one website that manages inventory, rates, calendars, and a booking engine. Popular OTAs include Airbnb,, Expedia, TripAdvisor and Vrbo. However, not all OTAs integrate with Google, so it’s best to contact the OTA directly for more information.

Homeowners not sure of where to start may want to contact an iTrip rental manager, as the company has integration with approved connectivity partners such as Bluetent and Nextpax. iTrip rental property managers have been trained in uploading Google vacation rental listings and can help navigate the process.

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Setting Up Rentals in the System

After meeting eligibility requirements, users must gather the following information:

·       A full list of vacation rentals to list on Google

·       Each listing should have a name, address, geocode location, images, URL and amenities

·       Pricing information and strategy

Vacation rentals on Google must also have at least one landing page with booking capability. Each landing page must load within 3 seconds and allow users to easily interact with the page. Interaction features include page load time, viewing the listings and checking the calendar. For the best experience, users should be able to view check-in/check-out information, length of stay, and number of occupants the rental permits.

Types of Accommodations

Google does differentiate between hotels and vacation rentals. Those considering vacation rentals must accept reservations less than 30 days and schedule the accommodation for cleaning and inspections between guest stays.

While setting up the listing, it is important to decide what type of rental is available. Some examples are apartment, cabin, chalet, house, villa, and cottage, to name a few.

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Google Ad Account Requirements

In addition to listing and pricing requirements, users must also set up a Google Ads account along with a Vacation Rentals account. An ad account allows a user to run paid advertising and is not billed unless the user wants to link paid advertising campaigns.

Pricing and Data Accuracy

Once all required accounts are set up and information provided to Google, users can then progress to data quality. Google has a price accuracy policy and referral experience policy, which includes updated pricing for vacation rentals.

When pricing vacation rentals for Google, users should note a base rate, mandatory taxes and fees, fixed charges, and on-site fees and/or taxes.

A Google representative is also available to help with implementing accurate pricing and troubleshoot issues, so new users maintain an excellent price accuracy score for three days prior to activating the account.

Partnering With a Professional Manager

The process for Google vacation rentals may seem overwhelming to some short-term rental owners. However, iTrip can make the process easier. iTrip already has the required information such as landing pages, high-quality content and dynamic pricing models. Plus, this network of professional property managers has strong relationships with connectivity partners and stays current on changes. Why wait?

Connect with an iTrip rental manager to learn about listing vacation rentals on Google.