25 Reasons Why Homeowners Trust iTrip to Manage Short-term Rentals

Since 2008, iTrip has been a leader in short-term rental management. As of 2022, the company manages thousands of rentals across North America with franchise locations in more than 100 cities. Plus, iTrip has celebrated year-over-year growth in terms of number of properties and annual revenue – even during Covid pandemic. What makes the company so special? Here are some reasons why homeowners trust iTrip and what to expect after listing.

Why Homeowners Trust iTrip to Manage Short-term Rentals

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25. National Presence

iTrip manages short-term rentals in more than 100 locations, with more than 3,800 homes in the portfolio (October 2022). More listings onboard daily.

24. Photography and Optimized Listings

Each listing has high-quality professional photography, video walkthroughs and detailed descriptions to help higher ranking in online algorithms.

23. Secure Keyless Entry

Guests receive a unique code that changes after every check-out.

22. Safety Inspections

Professional inspectors and managers regularly walk through each property to ensure the rental stays in excellent shape to protect guests and the rental investment.

21. Local Knowledge of Government

Advocates on homeowner’s behalf to ensure fair rights and legislation regarding short-term rentals.

20. Bookkeeping Services

Monthly statements provided and access to secure online owner portal available 24/7.

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19. Trusted Vendor Partnerships

iTrip short-term rental managers work with trusted vendors who provide cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, decorating and remodeling services.

18. Home Watch Services

Local managers and security processes keep rental properties safe when not in-use.

17. Extreme Weather Preparation

Professional preparation when it matters most. Assistance and guidance after extreme weather.

16. Reservation Management 24/7

Local staff dedication to reservations who handle check-in/check-out and special guest requests.

15. Concierge Level to Guests

iTrip loves to set up rentals for special occasions, offer welcome baskets, schedule grocery delivery and other customized services for arriving guests.

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14. Five-Star Reviews

As industry leaders, iTrip managers know the importance of five-star reviews and strive for five-star reviews. Plus, they gather guest reviews on homeowner’s behalf.

13. Free Fun With Xplorie

Exclusive partnership with Xplorie to offer daily free activities for guests who book direct with iTrip.

12. Worldwide Digital Marketing

Most expansive digital marketing program in the industry includes established social media platforms, retargeting ads, email newsletters, search engine optimization, and distribution on 80+ online travel agency sites (examples Vrbo, Marriott Homes and Villas)

11. Dynamic Pricing/Revenue Management

Trained managers study trends, can adjust rates every day, and base pricing on local data — not set and forget.

10. Tax and License Compliance

Pays taxes, acquires short-term rental licenses, and adheres to local ordinances to ensure legal business operations.

9. Local Understanding of Market

All iTrip short-term rental managers live in their area. They work in the area. They are small business owners and experts in their communities.

8. Bookings 5x the Industry Average vs. Self-managing

Worldwide distribution, digital marketing, email campaigns and retargeting generate more revenue for short-term rentals each year.

7. Increased Revenue of 25% vs. Self-managing

It is not unusual for homeowners to see a 25% to 30% increase in revenue the first year after listing with iTrip.

6. Free Revenue Projections

Free rental revenue projections help homeowners decide to buy multiple properties and help real estate agents offer real data for how short-term rentals perform in the area.

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5. Transparent All-inclusive Management Fees

No hidden fees. iTrip offers a competitive management fee that includes all services. Our team may also recommend other services by trusted partners – many at a discount, so homeowners save more money.

4. Local Ownership Presence

Get service from local small business owners who have a vested interest in the success of each short-term rental. When rentals perform well, everyone wins.

3. Real Estate Agent Relationships

Rental property managers who do not buy or sell real estate. Instead, iTrip partners with real estate agents and brokers through a referral program that pays ongoing commission on each referred rental property.

2. Works for Homeowners and With Homeowners

iTrip’s managers pride themselves on the relationships developed while managing properties. Homeowners and guests have direct cell numbers and email addresses and speak directly to our team – never an outside call center.

1. Mutual Respect

With other companies, owners get charged extra fees and deal with a maze of vendors. iTrip gives short-term rental owners more support, freedom and time — and earns more money.

After learning why thousands of homeowners trust iTrip, connect with a short-term rental management expert.

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