Maui Fall Vacation Ideas: 4 Fun Activities for Families

Fall vacations provide time to spend with loved ones before the busy holiday season. While many destinations have cooler temperatures, more rain and sometimes snow, Maui offers warm weather suited for adventure. Additionally, a Maui fall vacation gives visitors access to all the fun without the summer crowds. If Hawaii seems like a fall haven, check out these activities.

Maui Fall Vacation Ideas for Family Adventures

Halloween in LaHaina

The streets come alive during the Lahaina Halloween Party, one of the largest Halloween parties in Hawaii. The annual parade and costume contests draw thousands, including locals, singles, friends and family. Plan to dress up, walk the streets and have fun. Families can arrive early to eat first, then join the festivities. Guests should note that area bars and restaurants get busy and require a cover charge.

Zipline Tours

Non-horror fans can take a zipline ride through one of Maui’s valleys. Jungle Zipline Maui hosts one of the most popular zipline tours on the island. While riding, see over 400 trpoical trees, ferns, flowers and animals that live in the valley. The company offers four to seven lines of adventure, so families can pick the tours that best suits their needs and schedule.

Snorkeling and Whale-watching

Maui’s warm, sunny weather means it’s a perfect time for snorkeling and whale-watching. Families can plan to snorkel with a local guide or head to the best Maui snorkeling spots for a day in the water. In November, whale-watching season kicks off. Area companies offer fun tours that offer families and up-close look at whales and dolphins.

Attend a Thanksgiving Luau

Thanksgiving Day luaus remain a favorite Maui fall vacation activitity. Several resorts in the area offer special performances, Hawaiian cuisine, dances, fire shows and fun. A Thanksgiving luau will showcase a new culture and bring the family together during a meaningful time of year.

Book a Maui fall vacation rental and escape with the family! Want to extend the trip? Read about winter in Maui.