Eat in Boston: A Local’s Guide to 5 Popular Foods

Boston, the most populous city in Massachusetts, occupies the top position in the bucket list of sea-lovers. Apart from water activities and tranquility by the seashore, the city boasts mouth-watering delicacies that leave visitors wanting more. With authentic seafood and popular local creations, newcomers are highly likely to enjoy the city’s food scene. To get the scoop, here’s a local’s guide of what and where to eat in Boston.

Eat in Boston: 5 Popular Dishes and Where to Find Them

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Baked Beans Loaded With Molasses

Known as “Beantown,” Boston offers the top-notch dish Boston baked beans. What’s unique about this delicacy is it undergoes a slow-baking process through molasses. Just make sure to enjoy the savory dish enriched with spicy flavors and brown bread pairings.

Popular restaurants to consider:

Beantown Pub is your go-to place. If staying near The Freedom Trail, make sure to buy a platter of baked beans.

Rebel’s Guild offers baked beans made with a unique recipe. The chef prepares by soaking beans overnight, followed by baking under molasses and brown sugar. This evokes the much-needed bacon flavors out of this Boston dish.

Marliave likes to add mahogany flavors into their beans. What’s better is they pair different side dishes. That way, visitors get to taste something new each time.

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Yellow and Buttery Flavors of Cream Pie

No matter how much you eat, there’s always room for dessert. Cream pie is a popular dessert emerging from Boston that is highly in-demand and delicious. With just a slice, enjoy creamy flavors of custard followed by a buttery yellow appeal. The dessert tasting experience lasts with the chocolate that lies in the third layer of pie. Foodies often enjoy this delicacy on their roof rack tent in front of Carson Beach.

Popular restaurants to consider:

Flour Bakery and Cafe offers a spongy variant of this cream pie filled with coffee flavors and ganache essence. Or add your own flavors and toppings to enhance the experience.

Oak Long Bar instills rum-like essence into their cream pies by soaking it under rum. Also, the chef adds a layer of pastry cream and cocoa crumbles to complete the dessert.

S&S Restaurant has mouth-watering sandwiches and desserts. Their cream pie contains custard cream, chocolate ganache and pastry cream.

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Fulfill The Sweet Tooth With Cannoli

Boston never fails to amaze visitors with its creamy and delicious masterpieces. The city also offers authentic and tasty cannolis made by Italian residents and chefs. These tube-shaped pastries enlighten taste buds with ricotta flavors and buttery filling. What adds to the taste is the fried dough that balances out the creamy insides well. Try this crispy dessert when you need something light and delicious.

Popular restaurants to consider:

Eataly, obtaining its name from the famous Italian dessert dish cannoli, is one of the best places to eat in Boston. However, the restaurant specializes in multiple-flavored cannolis.

Modern Pastry is a top choice for those who like more crispiness than sweetness. They also offer flavors like pistachio, chocolate ganache, and almond essence.

Stella is the pastry shop that takes their measurements seriously. With just the right amount of ricotta and cream, visitors are likely to come back for cannolis almost every day.

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Sandwiches Filled With Savory Roasted Beef

In Boston, the roasted beef sandwich occupies a special place in locals’ hearts. Filled with roasted beef and cheese, diners are likely to enjoy it with any beverage — be it coffee or coolers. What adds to its appeal are toppings with barbecue sauces and American cheese. Some visitors like to add a tablespoon of mayonnaise to enhance the taste.

Popular restaurants to consider:

Kelly’s Roast Beef is the most popular destination in Boston for roasted beef and other sandwiches. They add extra toppings and pair sandwiches with delightful coolers.

Cusser’s Roast Beef and Seafood offers top-notch seafood. However, make sure to try the roast beef sandwich by the beach with some watermelon- or peach-enriched coolers.

Mike and Patty’s also ranks as a popular place. The eatery specializes in sandwiches like roasted beef and grilled chicken.

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Mouthwatering Lobster Mac-n’-Cheese

Adding lobster to mac n’ cheese is what makes this dish special. Owing to the seafood culture, this dish tastes best when paired with refreshing drinks and a beachy vibe. Some restuarants also experiment and add variants like cheddar cheese and extra seasonings to enhance the taste. However, chicken toppings paired with different sauces remain the favorite of all.

Popular restaurants to consider:

Outlook Kitchen takes the dish to another level with Gouda paired with cheese and a glass of cognac. In case you don’t like the drink, just ask for additional wine or whiskey.

JM Curley serves this dish with loads of tomatoes and cheese. Plus, large scallions are a show-stealer for every seafood fan. Visitors can also get toasty crunch to compliment the dish.

The Local has its way of making mac-and-cheese. They add knuckled meat and three varieties of sauces to improve their mac. Then they add bread crumbs to keep the crispy taste alive.

Eat in Boston: The Bottom Line

Boston offers some authentic dishes and savory delights. Once done trying local recipes and seafood specialties, jump to desserts. Then venture north to Boston’s North Shore region, which has coastal towns, popular ice cream shops and other iconic food.