7 Maui Waterfalls Travelers Must See to Believe

Maui’s tropical paradise draws nature lovers to colorful beaches, ecosystems and remote spots tucked away from development. Among these hidden gems, find dozens of waterfalls ranging in size and accessibility. And no trip will feel complete without these top Maui waterfalls. Check them out.

Top 7 Maui Waterfalls for Hikers and Road-trippers

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Photo: Mark Doliner

Waimoku Falls

Located on the Road to Hana, Waimoku Falls sits at the end of Pipiwai Trail above Seven Sacred Pools. To see this 400-foot waterfall, hike the 4-mile trail, which gains 650 feet in elevation and has some muddy conditions. As one of the tallest waterfalls in Maui, hikers should take extreme caution when crossing streams and viewing the falls. Before seeing Waimoku Falls, stop mid-way on the trail and listen to the wind whip through the bamboo forest.

Pools of ‘Ohe‘o (Seven Sacred Pools)

Among the most popular attraction in east Maui, Pools of ‘Ohe‘o offers a half-mile loop 15 miles from Hana. Suited for all skill levels, the trail suits those interested in hiking, walking, birding and nature trips.

Pools of ‘Ohe‘o — part of the Haleakala National Park — offers a journey through native vegetation to small waterfalls and pools. Feel free to take photos, however due to rock slides, the pools close often for safety purposes.

Waikani Falls

One of the most popular Maui waterfalls, Waikani Falls – a.k.a Three Bears Falls – is located on the Road to Hana a half-mile past marker 19. Visitors can either park and take pictures or hike a short trail to the falls. Although the trail is short, it’s not an easy walk and requires climbing under a bridge and following a thick path.

The path takes hikers to three waterfalls ranging in different lengths. Once at the waterfalls, enjoy clear water suited for swimming and snapping pictures.

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Twin Falls

The first stop on the Road to Hana, Twin Falls offers a smaller waterfall, but is easily accessible. When driving by notice a busy parking lot and snack stand on Wailele Farm. The owners have opened the farm to the public for free, however encourage donations.

To access the falls, stop around mile marker 2 and park. From there, find marked paths that lead to the farm and Twin Falls. The entire stop takes about an hour, so plan accordingly if driving the Road to Hana in one day. Don’t forget to buy some goodies from the snack stand before heading to the next spot.


Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls sits at the south end of Wailua River, and no hiking is needed for an up-close look at this double-tiered waterfall. Just drive north from Lihue and follow Maalo Road, drive about 3 miles and find a parking spot. The lot even overlooks the falls, and early in the morning look for rainbows.

Wailua Falls measures about 80 feet, and during heavy rains the two falls will merge into one. Visitors should also note that this waterfall is not an appropriate place for jumping, diving or hiking. The journey to the bottom could be dangerous and even fatal.

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Honokohau Falls

Honokohau Falls measures two-tiers cascading a total of over 1,100 feet, making it the tallest waterfall in Maui. Unfortunately, no trails lead to this site because of its inaccessible location in the West Maui Mountains.

Never fear. Guests can see Honokohau Falls via helicopter tours. Two top-rated companies that fly over the falls include Maverick and Sunshine Helicopters. Both tour operators fly over Honokohau Falls and other sites, such as the remote Mokokai and the Wall of Tears, a collection of 17 waterfalls.


Makamaka‘ole Falls

Those in west Maui have the opportunity to see Makamaka‘ole Falls from Waihee Ridge Trail. The trail measures 5 miles round-trip, ascending 1,500 feet through forests toward the clouds.

For the best view, stop at the 1-mile marker along the trail. Visitors will see Makamaka‘ole Falls drop in several tiers totaling 270 feet in height. Rain may also affect the falls, so hikers may only see the lower part during dry weather.

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Main photo: Photo by Rina Miele on Unsplash