Road to Hana Tips: Traveling Maui’s Most Popular Route

Known as The Valley Isle for lush, verdant valleys that crease its interior, Maui delights travelers from all over the world. Rimmed with tropical beaches that invite everyone to relax in the sun or play in the surf, Maui’s welcoming atmosphere, exotic landscape and sandy beaches have made this Hawaiian island a vacation rental paradise. One way to explore the island’s scenic beauty is to ride the Hana Highway, a 64-mile route that Kahului to Hana located in Maui. Keep reading for our Road to Hana tips and make the most of the journey.

Road to Hana Tips: Make the Most of Your Scenic Drive

Pick a Sunny Day

The rugged beauty of Maui’s famed Road to Hana lures vacationers off the beach to travel one of the world’s most famous roads. For those who want to explore the Road to Hana, choose a sunny day and prepare for a 2.5-hour drive without stops.

Get an Early Start

Due to the length and distance, get an early start around 6 a.m. The 64 miles may not seem like a jaunt, however Road to Hana has over 600 hair-pin curves and over 50 one-lane bridges. Plan to leave early and spend about 5 hours in the car.

Bring Food and Drinks

To keep stamina up and feel energetic bring snacks, lots of water and a picnic lunch. Pack a cooler full of goodies, and take a lunch break before driving back. While driving, keep an eye out for small roadside stands and restaurants that offer local goodies.

Select a Couple of Stops

Road to Hana also houses some of Maui’s most visited waterfalls, gardens and hiking trails. There are dozens of stops along the way, and many find it difficult to see them all. Adventurous souls will want to pick a couple of scenic stops and enjoy the natural environment. One attraction is Wai’anapanapa State Park, where visitors will find beaches, freshwater caves and hiking trails.

Pack Phone Chargers, Camera and SD Cards

As one of America’s most scenic roads, visitors will want to take lots of pictures. Bring a camera to reduce cellphone usage, but pack a phone charger just in case. Pack an extra SD card to have more space for photos and videos.

Move Over for Locals

Driving the Road to Hana is no different than driving a major road in your hometown. Watch for locals on their way to and from work, and pull over to let them pass if needed. Speeding is not recommended due to the terrain, so stay safe.

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Main photo: nlang06