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garden-loving cities top 10 itrip vacations

10 Garden-loving Cities That Make Great Vacation Destinations

Blooming flowers, green plants and serenity – these are just a few things that draw millions of people to these garden-loving cities every year. Additionally, many cities showcase nature’s beauty year-round, making it easy for travelers to escape to fairy tale-inspired lands anytime. Ready to explore? Come see these garden-loving cities and prepare to take […]

myrtle beach live shows itrip vacations

Myrtle Beach Live Shows: 6 Crowd-pleasing Performances

As one of the top family beach destinations on the East Coast, Myrtle Beach features a vibrant entertainment scene for all ages. With high-flying pirate adventures, musical legends, pyrotechnics and comedy, audiences can’t help but have a good time. Looking for a night to remember? Check out the top Myrtle Beach live shows. Top 6 […]

myrtle beach indoor attractions itrip vacations

Myrtle Beach Indoor Attractions: Things to Do When It Rains

Myrtle Beach ranks among the best beaches in America according to Travel Channel and among America’s best beach towns by Travel + Leisure. Part of its appeal are the beaches, but weather doesn’t always cooperate. When this happens, don’t worry. Vacationers won’t find themselves cooped up with nothing to do. These Myrtle Beach indoor attractions […]

broadway at the beach myrtle beach

Broadway at the Beach: 6 Must-do Attractions in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach consistently ranks as a top vacation spot and has even earned its spot among America’s favorite beach towns by Travel and Leisure. Most know this South Carolina hot spot for family-friendly vibes and beach-loving atmosphere, but the city also houses a large entertainment district vacationers can’t miss. Broadway at the Beach features carnival-style […]

myrtle beach seafood restaurants

Myrtle Beach Seafood Restaurants: 8 Must-Visit Spots for Local Freshness

Boasting a rich history and gorgeous coastal location, Myrtle Beach offers seafood lovers a culinary playground. Visitors have many top-rated favorites, ranging from affordable dives to upscale dining options. Whether vacationing in Myrtle Beach for a romantic getaway, a girls weekend or family vacation, these are must-try spots for a good meal. Read our picks […]

myrtle beach fall festivals

Myrtle Beach Fall Festivals: Foodies Flock to These October Events

Myrtle Beach fall festivals in October not only kick off the season in a fun way, but they also showcase the best South Carolina flavors and talented chefs. From small-town festivals to big events featuring top restaurants, foodies can get their grub on at these Myrtle Beach fall festivals. Learn about the all the food […]

myrtle beach bbq restaurants

Myrtle Beach BBQ Restaurants: 8 Places to Fill Up

The best Myrtle Beach BBQ restaurants focus on signature recipes and slow-cooking processes. After all, barbecue should cook low and slow. These processes paired with a passion for smoky, rich flavors draw visitors from all over to try this Southern favorite. Whether a fan of dry-rubbed or marinated and slathered with a sauce, it’s hard […]

best aquariums sea life

Best Aquariums in U.S. for Unforgettable Sea Life Encounters

The best aquariums care for their aquatic residents and provide visitors unforgettable experiences. Learning should be fun after all. When planning a family vacation, consider starting with these destinations that offer award-winning aquariums and extra programs. The whole family will want to learn more about the best aquariums in U.S. for unforgettable sea life encounters. […]

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