Myrtle Beach Fall Vacation Ideas for a Memorable Trip

It’s a favorite summer beach town, but guests fall in love with Myrtle Beach all over again when they visit in the fall. Ranked among the best beaches in America by the Travel Channel, Myrtle Beach offers an equally memorable fall vacation destination in South Carolina. From annual events to cycling, the city welcomes everyone to celebrate and have fun. Find more Myrtle Beach fall vacation ideas and start planning.

6 Myrtle Beach Fall Vacation Ideas, Things to Do

Attend Myrtle Beach Fall Festivals

With average highs in the 70s and 80s, Myrtle Beach offers a top place to rejoice in the season — and food, art and entertainment. The city hosts dozens of events from September through December that cater to foodies, music lovers and families. When planning, prepare to sample lots of fresh seafood and admire some incredible views. Read about the top Myrtle Beach fall festivals in October.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Cooler temperatures make biking, hiking, horseback riding on the beach, golfing and beach-combing must-do activities during a fall vacation to Myrtle Beach. Admire fall’s changing colors while cycling along local trails. Experience the wonder of the fall migration at nearby coastal wildlife sanctuaries. Rent a bike and ride through the area, visiting shops and restaurants. Due to reduced crowds, riders will also benefit from more space and less traffic.

Take Ghost Tours

October brings cooler temps and spine-tingling ghost stories. Ripley’s Haunted Adventure offers a haunted house attraction for guests ages 8 and older. History buffs can book a ghost walk to learn about the city’s haunted past, including pirates and entertaining stories.

Boating and Fishing

While many gear up for an Atlantic Ocean adventure in the summer, fall welcomes boaters and anglers as well. The water may seem a bit chilly for swimming, but vacationers can still ride the waves and fish for big catches. Contact a local fishing charter and plan for a high-seas adventure.

See Indoor Attractions

Many people don’t get to experience the top Myrtle Beach indoor attractions in the summer. Why? Because they’re busy playing outside at the beach. The city offers several attractions worth visiting, such as museums, an aquarium, painting workshops, theaters and escape rooms. Don’t let weather put a damper on the trip!

Simply Relax

During a Myrtle Beach fall vacation, guests still enjoy exciting activities but may find it easier to relax. Fall and winter are known as the off-season, however many enjoy fewer travelers, cheaper accommodation prices and shorter wait times. All in all, it’s easy to relax. Whether from a private patio, remote beach spot or corner booth in a restaurant, get ready to unwind and spend quality time with loved ones.

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