Vacation Style: 5 Steps to Setting Up Your Look

Between flying, hauling luggage and jet lag, traveling can be challenging enough without worrying about looking stylish. The good news is it’s surprisingly easy to travel light and look good — both on the plane and at your destination. Below are a few tips for setting up your vacation style without breaking the bank or over packing.

Vacation Style: Easy Ways to Create a Personalized Look

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Create a Packing List

The first step in setting up your vacation style is to create a packing list. This will help ensure you have exactly what you need and you won’t over pack or buy items you don’t need.

While creating the packing list, think about the destination and what you plan to do. Make a list of any planned activities or events, so you have the appropriate outfit for each occasion. Are you going to a loved one’s wedding? Will you complete an adventurous hike? Do you plan on visiting an upscale restaurant for dinner?

These factors will help create the perfect packing list. Be sure to check the weather forecast as well, so you bring weather-appropriate attire, shoes and accessories.

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Stick to the Basics

As you plan travel attire, stick to basic clothing items you can mix and match to create multiple looks. A good rule of thumb: All of your tops should coordinate with all of the bottoms you pack.

This makes it easier to switch up your clothing and turn a casual look into a dressier one. In addition, pack pieces you can layer — such as cardigans or vests — as layering is a great way to wear many combinations with just a few items, which also save space in your suitcase.

Shop Secondhand for Out-of-Season Items

If planning a vacation during winter months, some may travel to destinations with warmer weather. This may make it hard to find weather-appropriate clothing at your favorite local retailers.

To stock up on out-of-season items for your trip — like shorts, tank tops and bathing suits — consider shopping secondhand. Online thrift stores such as thredUP offer a unique selection of affordable, gently used clothing from a variety of brands.

This makes it easy to find exactly what you need through a simple search and score those out-of-season items you may not be able to find in stores.

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Shop Discount Stores and Outlets

Another way to save money on items you may need to purchase is to shop at discount stores. Off-price fashion retailers such as TJ Maxx carry clothing from well-known brands at low prices, allowing you to shop the latest trends and get the perfect travel look for an affordable cost. With a range of styles from active wear to formal wear, you’re able to find everything in one place without putting a dent in your wallet.

To save on non-clothing related items, stores like Dollar Tree have travel bottles and other travel-sized items such as deodorant, dental kits and pain relievers, allowing you to spend more money on activities.

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Bring Quality Accessories

To make your outfits look more complete, don’t forget to bring a few quality accessories. You don’t need different accessories for every single piece of clothing, but rather a few simple accessories you can wear with different outfits. Whether it’s a pair of bold earrings or a statement necklace, pack at least one piece of jewelry that can dress up your outfits.

A few quality accessories will provide more use of your clothing and help dress up even the most casual look. You can also bring a belt that has enough holes, so it can be worn at either your waist or hip to give your clothing a different look. Whatever accessories you decide to bring, be sure they go with each of your outfits so you can re-wear them numerous times.

After creating your vacation style, check out more expert travel tips and destination ideas.