8 Pet-friendly Vacation Tips for Rental Guests

Pets are more than companions — they are part of the family. Nearly 85 million American households have a pet, and many want to bring pets along when they take a vacation. While many vacation rental owners and managers happily accommodate these travelers, guests should note a few things before booking a vacation. Here are some pet-friendly vacation tips to ensure everyone stays happy and safe.

8 Pet-friendly Vacation Tips for a Stress-free Trip

Check the Policy: Before booking a vacation rental, make note of the pet policy. Find information on pet fees, insurance, liability and terms of agreement. Read the renter’s agreement and make sure to understand the rules.

Ask Questions: Planning a trip takes a lot of time and effort, but don’t be afraid to ask questions. Read the listing and agreement. If unsure about the yard, pick-up policy, trash and local area, then ask. Rental managers are happy to answer these questions if not already in the listing.

Look at Pictures: Browsing the listing’s photos, videos and 3D images provide a helpful way to see the rental and outside area. If the rental’s listing follows best practices, then guests should see both inside and outside. Make note of fenced yards, walkways, water access and local parks.

Get Pets Ready Early: Accustom pets to traveling by taking short trips around the neighborhood. As they become more comfortable, drive further distances such as to a park. If flying, crate pets during short drives and during sleep periods. This will help them feel more secure and keep them safe.

Pack Food and Toys: Take along favorite food and toys. Not every store stocks the same kind of food, so pack plenty of food and familiar treats. This helps avoid any digestion issues while away from home.

Get a Collar With Tags: Make sure pets wear identification tags that include your name and phone number. To keep them extra safe, micro-chipping is another popular option.

Get Booster Shots, Bring Paperwork: Before traveling, make sure pets are up-to-date on all shots and carry proof with you. Ask the vet about any traveling concerns and medications needed as well.

Play Before Leaving: Exercise pets well before traveling to keep them calm. In addition, make sure they use the bathroom to ensure comfort. Most times, pets will sleep most of the trip as long as they feel relaxed.

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