Vacation Rental Videos: Use Visual Content to Market Properties

Most property managers know high-quality photos have become a must for effectively marketing properties. No longer a trend, images now factor into search algorithms and influence search rankings. However, the next wave is something bigger: vacation rental videos.

According to a Hubspot survey, 94% of customers of customers watch videos to learn about a product or service. Video captures more attention, delivers selling points quickly and proves more engaging on social media. According to SmallBizTrends, by 2019 global consumer Internet video accounted for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. These stats indicate that video trends will impact consumer audiences. Don’t miss the chance to reach these potential customers and read these tips.

Vacation Rental Videos and How to Market Them

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Create Videos of Each Rental

When deciding which rentals should have video, the answer is all of them. Whether a slideshow of the best photos or an area drone, each vacation rental should have a video within its listing.

Matterport has become one provider that changes the way potential guests view vacation rental videos. The company’s camera takes images, and the property manager can then create 3D walk-throughs of vacation properties. By creating a virtual reality experience, users get a real-feel for the property to help them decide if the rental fits their travel needs.

View a Bradenton vacation rental that uses Matterport and YouTube videos.

In addition, each video should include a logo or watermark, so the brand stays in front of online viewers. If uploading to YouTube, make sure to fill out the description and include a link to book the property.

Produce Short Videos

Remember to keep each video under 2 minutes. Recent studies indicate the average attention span has declined, so it has become harder to keep people’s attention. Due to this, short videos prove more effective.

Instead of producing lengthy videos, add text for informational purposes. This may include the location name, address, exclusive amenities and website. For example, if the rental has a fully stocked kitchen, include that as a caption with the photo during the video. Pick 4 or 5 amenities that help the property stand out and highlight those in the video.

Another option includes a quick slideshow of all property photos. Shoot around 30 photos and include exterior and interior images to create a compelling video display.

Quick Videos About Destination

While vacation rental videos give potential guests a feel for the property, destination videos give them insight into the location itself.

Create short videos that showcase the area and why people enjoying visiting. Ideas include top things to do, drone videos and videos taken with smartphones. Most managers explore the destination in their free time. Capture these moments with a short video and post it online. It doesn’t have to be perfect – just fun, genuine and informative.

Drone videos offer a different experience. They allow consumers to see large areas, mimic the feeling of flying and include scenic imagery. As drones become more accessible, it won’t be long before they too rank as an important visual marketing tool.

Where to Post Vacation Rental Videos

After videos have been finalized, post them wherever it makes sense. Include them on your company’s website, social media accounts, inside listings and blogs, and outgoing marketing materials such as enewsletters. The more people who see the video, the further its reach.

Instead of posting a link, upload the video direct to sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Next test different post times and what audiences enjoy the video. This helps managers decide which channel proves effective and how often to post.

If a video post receives more engagement with an audience, consider social media advertising to reach even more people. For example, if you post a video to Facebook and it receives high engagement, boost the post for a few days. Promoting posts help the message reach more people.

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