Vacation Rental TV Projects: Don’t Miss These Shows

The private vacation accommodation industry has exploded in recent years and has outpaced growth in the travel industry at a whole, with projections estimating its worth at over $36 billion by the end of 2018. With this growth and continued interest comes a need for media outlets to satisfy audiences and bring vacation rentals to every home across the globe. And what better way to connect audiences and raise awareness than through vacation rental TV shows?

In 2017, several vacation rental professionals announced they will participate in vacation rental TV projects, contributing to the industry’s worldwide exposure. We can also expect to see other new projects, especially after the announcement of HGTV’s Fixer Upper’s final season. Read on to learn about what’s coming up.

Vacation Rental TV Projects Rental Managers Should Watch

vacation rental tv projects managers

Vacation Rental Potential by Vrbo

HomeAway has announced it will sponsor Vacation Rental Potential, produced by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Inc. Vacation Rental Potential will premier on A&E and feature 12 rental homeowners and property managers in various locations. Throughout the series, experts provide information and inspiration to help real estate investors recognize the potential for turning a home into a profitable rental business.

A Sense of Place by Matt Landau

Vacation rental marketing expert Matt Landau has announced his new show, A Sense of Place. Focusing on a different travel experience, he visits different destinations, stays in vacation rentals, and gets to know rental managers and owners.

According to Landau, he hopes to fill a gap between what newcomers think and the reality of the vacation rental industry. Through showcasing individuals, viewers learn best practices and build realistic expectations for their businesses. The show airs in November with all episodes also appearing on YouTube, Facebook and a special platform created by VRMB.

Getting Away Together on PBS

Getting Away Together aired on over 80 PBS member channels in the U.S. The show highlighted early vacation rental sharing trends and families and friends who traveled together. Throughout the series, audiences learned about real travelers vacationing together in destinations all over the U.S. Getting Away Together reconnected people closest to them while they participated in outdoor activities, cultural events and more. Full episodes are available online, and visit Getting Away Together for past episodes.

Airbnb Experiences

Although it’s not a show, Airbnb has attracted celebrities to participate in their Airbnb Experiences. To help travelers connect to a destination and the people who live there, Airbnb provides traveler experiences and local tours. In addition, Airbnb offers the program in over 40 cities around the world. Other options include learning new skills, touring new places, trying new foods and more.

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