Top Miami Ice Cream Shops in Florida to Stay Cool

Vacationing in Miami makes us crave a frozen treat, so we’ve picked some of the best Miami ice cream shops. We focused on shops known for cooling off customers with unique flavors, all while bringing smiles to their faces. But these businesses have a story, too. Many are family-owned and -operated, and help bring their communities together. After all, there’s no better way to enjoy a hot summer day than with a waffle cone or bowl full of scoops and good company.

Top Miami Ice Cream Shops for Cool Treats

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Azucar Ice Cream Company

Using all-natural ingredients, this family-run shop offers homemade Cuban ice cream, with flavors such as Café con Leche (Cuban coffee and oreo), Willy Cherrino (double cherry), and its signature Abuela Maria®, a Cuban classic consisting of red guava, cream cheese and sweet galletas. The shop, located in Little Havana, prides itself on creating new flavors daily, and when possible, using locally sourced fruits and vegetables from south Florida farmers. In 2013, Azucar Ice Cream was voted the Best Ice Cream by the Miami Times Herald.

Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream

Don’t let the scientific name fool you. This may be the ‘coolest’ ice cream spot in Miami. The menu reads like the periodic table, with flavors like Kd for Krispy Kreme, Ce for Coffee and Cf for chocolate fudge. The company also stands out because it uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream instead of a commercial freezer. The result: no freezer burn and a reputation for some of the creamiest ice cream available. ChillN is the brainchild of creator Danny Golik, and the shop has not only been praised for its deliciousness but also its startup success.

The Frieze Ice Cream Factory

The Frieze dates back nearly 30 years, and offers dozens of flavors, ranging from classics like vanilla and chocolate chip to more adventurous tastes such as champagne sorbet and green tea. Family-owned and operated by the Warrens since 1993, the shop uses all-natural ingredients and provides a fun, energetic atmosphere. Highly rated by Yelp reviewers and Miami New Times, locals rave about Frieze, and may argue it’s best ice cream shop in the world.

Wall’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream

This family-owned and -operated shop strives to bring the old-time ice cream shop feel to customers. Wall’s red-and-white umbrellas and large flavor selection lure visitors to more traditional flavors including rocky road, butter pecan and fun flavors like Superman. A three-time winner as a Best Ice Cream Parlor by the Miami New Times, Wall’s ensures even your taste buds smile. Bonus: If you want a souvenir, check out their homemade fudge selection.

Whip ‘n Dip Ice Cream

Started in 1985, Whip ‘N Dip ranks as a long-time staple among the best Miami ice cream shops. Using locally sourced ingredients from partner suppliers, they make new flavors daily. Some must-trys include banana nut chip, heath bar brownie and chocolate-covered almond. This shop also caters to calorie-watching customers with lite selections – such as salted caramel and chocolate – that are low-calorie and fat and cholesterol free. Customers also can’t get enough of the homemade cookies.

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