Top 8 Myrtle Beach Mini Golf Courses in South Carolina

Miniature golf, or putt putt, has brought smiles to faces for more than 60 years. Over-sized characters, creative themes and friendly competitions entertain people of all ages. Playing a friendly game also ranks as a must in many destinations, such as Myrtle Beach. In fact, this beach spot has several mini golf courses in the area, providing fun for the whole family. Learn more about the top Myrtle Beach mini golf courses.

Myrtle Beach Mini Golf: Top 8 Courses to Play on Vacation

myrtle beach mini golf courses

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Cancun Lagoon Golf

With 27 holes and an Egyptian theme, visitors can see a 50-foot pyramid at Cancun Lagoon without traveling far. This indoor and outdoor course introduces visitors to Mayan culture as the gods of thunder and lightning watch over the game. Paradise Golf also manages two other courses in the area: Molten Mountain and Mutiny Bay.

Captain Hook’s Adventure

Take on Captain Hook as he tries to defeat Peter Pan at this course. Become part of the Darling family, and explore Neverland’s caves to rescue Tinkerbell. This spot has been an area favorite for 20-plus years, and offers two 18-hole courses full of imagination and fantasy.

Dragon’s Lair Fantasy

See castles, caves and waterfalls on this mini-golf adventure through the Dark Ages. Use clubs to play the kingdom’s 36 holes, and come face-to-face with a fire-breathing dragon. Don’t worry, though! Sir Alfred helps protect golfers throughout the kingdom.

Jungle Safari Golf

Wildlife lovers should try a safari adventure, where plants and animals surround players. Kids love seeing life-size replicas of giraffes and zebras as they play their way to the last hole. Live plants and waterfalls create a real-life feel through a beach-style safari.

Mini Golf, Myrtle Beach, SC

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Jurassic Mini Golf

Dinosaurs roam this course, which offers a prehistoric tour featuring many feared and loved giants. From T-rex to Stegosaurus, golfers will play their way through a Jurassic adventure. Caves and waterfalls take players back in time, but be careful to not run into any raptors!

Mount Atlanticus Miniature Golf

These two 18-hole courses remain open until midnight through Labor Day, providing a great late-night activity. Players climb stone stairs, and experience a paradise of their own while enjoying a friendly game. See artifacts, trees and lots of water on this Atlantis-themed course.

Spy Glass Golf

Put on an eye patch, and try this pirate-themed golf course. Set on a tropical island, players will see 50-foot waterfalls, pirate ships, caves and abandoned mines. Blasting cannons and Long John Silver’s ghost give visitors a special adventure.

Treasure Island Golf

As the first Myrtle Beach mini golf course, this Treasure Island adventure has entertained guests for decades. A cousin to Spy Glass, see more pirates, ships and action at this local favorite, which brings exotic islands to the East Coast.

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