Vacation Rental Appeal: 3 Reasons to Not Stay in a Hotel

Have you ever gone on a vacation and spent the trip frustrated by lack of space and options? On vacation, people want to relax and feel comfortable, but sometimes it’s difficult when packed into a hotel room with other guests. There is an easier — and often more affordable — option. Vacation rentals offer more space and amenities, so every member of a group can have a great time with minimal inconvenience. Read about the vacation rental appeal and three reasons to book a private accommodation instead of hotel.

Vacation Rental Appeal: 3 Reasons to Avoid Hotels

Limited Bathrooms

One of the biggest issues with staying in a hotel is there will only be one bathroom in the room. While that may not sound like a problem, it quickly becomes one when people have to take turns waiting to shower. Many vacation rentals come with multiple bathrooms, ensuring everyone has access when they need it. Large groups can book homes with three and four bathrooms, allowing everyone to have their own privacy and space.

In addition, rentals have more space in general including bedrooms, full kitchens, living rooms, family rooms and even home theaters. No matter how much space is needed, there’s a rental waiting for the group.

Limited Outdoor Spaces

Want a quiet place to relax outdoors? Most won’t find that at a hotel. Many hotels are often crowded with guests and may or may not offer a small balcony. On the other hand, vacation rentals have more outdoor space options. Imagine patios with furniture, decks with a grill and private pools set in an outdoor oasis. Some rentals even have fenced-in yards for pets, nearby playground equipment, tennis courts and on-site activities.

Limited Kitchen Amenities

Eating out every meal is never easy on the wallet, and hotels offer limited resources to keep food and drinks. While many hotels offer a free breakfast with the price of the room, guests still have to find nearby restaurants for lunch and dinner.

Save money, time and eat healthier in a rental. Part of the vacation rental appeal is the full-kitchen that has a full-size fridge, oven, stove, microwave, and everything needed for cooking. Not only will cooking meals provide convenience and save money, but there’s a place to store leftovers, treats, drinks and a full week worth of groceries.

With the money saved from eating at home, guests can then plan an extra activity or dine at a more expensive local restaurant. Skip fast food and budget for the best.

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