Tips for Taking an Eco-Friendly Green Vacation

As travel trends grow and more people become environmentally conscience, an eco-friendly green vacation peaks the interests of those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Vacation rentals provide an easy way to get started, as they allow guests in-home dining options, the ability to hang towels to dry, area recycling programs and offer proximity to walkable neighborhoods. However, there are plenty more tips that help eco-friendly travelers. Read one to learn more.

8 Eco-friendly Green Vacation Tips for Travelers

Fly Smart

If flying, choose an airline with a carbon-offset program. For a small fee, travel emissions are offset by investment in reforestation projects, organic agriculture or wind and solar farms.

Walk and Bike

Walk or bike wherever possible. Stay on marked trails to avoid damaging delicate soils, sands or native plants.

Take the Bus, Trolley

Use public transportation. Many tourist destinations offer on-off buses that make continuous stops at major attractions and points of interest. Ticket prices are quite reasonable; save money by purchasing a 2-day or weekly pass.

Rent Hybrid if Possible

If you need to rent a car, reserve a hybrid vehicle before leaving home.

Use Cloth Bags

Keep a few reusable shopping bags on hand for carrying groceries back to your vacation rental and for souvenir shopping at local shops. These eco-friendly bags also make handy beach bags, picnic baskets, toy carryalls, and collection bags for the cool shells and rocks your children find.

Shop Local Farmers Markets

Support local farmers. Shop at the local farmers’ market and plan your meals around in-season produce. Pick up produce at roadside stands you pass. Wear a backpack when hiking or biking so you’ll have somewhere to stash roadside food finds. Eat in organic restaurants and those that buy their food from local growers.

Cook at Home

Grocery shop and meal plan in advance. This not only reduces driving time and emissions, but also saves guests time and money. In addition, the whole family will feel healthier and avoid gaining weight or breaking good eating habits while on vacation.

Look for Local Items

Keep your money in the local community. When shopping for vacation mementos, patronize locally-owned shops and look for wares by local artists and crafters.

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