Sun Valley Local Attractions: 4 Places to Play and Meet People

Sun Valley may rank among the top ski destinations in the U.S., but the area offers other things to do. In fact, some of the top Sun Valley attractions are only found here, helping visitors create the ultimate vacation experience. For those who want a glimpse in Utah living, we’ve rounded up the top Sun Valley local attractions. Check them out.

4 Sun Valley Local Attractions Vacationers Must See

Boulder Mountain Clayworks

Boulder Mountain Clayworks offers local art paired with mountain views. Visitors can participate in the local clay arts culture with classes and workshops for all ages. Those who prefer to just browse will find pieces created at the studio by local artists. At Boulder Mountain Clayworks, visitors can create by hand or wheel and receive expert tips.

Ride Horses at Galena Lodge

Located across from Galena Lodge in Ketchum, visitors can ride horses through Utah’s wilderness. Whether with a significant other, family or friends, horseback riding ranks as a must-do in Sun Valley. Feel like a cowboy while strolling through the old west, or take a wagon ride just like the pioneers. Galena Lodge offers trips ranging from 1.5 to full-day adventures.

Ride the Rapids

Sawtooth Adventure has become a local name in white-water rafting. The operator hosts one-day rafting adventures for families, experts, newcomers and couples. The most popular trip is the family whitewater adventure, which tours Class III rapids. Other options include high adventure, scenic Sawtooth and twilight dinner.

Visit Ernest Hemingway

American writer Ernest Hemingway spent a lot of time in Sun Valley, where he wrote, hunted, fished and spent time with his family. History and literary buffs can pay their respects and learn about his life at the Hemingway Memorial at the Ketchum Cemetery. Those who have more time should also take the self-guided Hemingway tour to visit all his favorite spots. Sun Valley local attractions connected to Hemingway include Sun Valley Museum of History, Ketchum Corral and Silver Creek Preserve.

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