Water Sports in North Myrtle Beach: 3 Activities to Try on Vacation

North Myrtle Beach is known for sand and sun, but those who crave action like to get into the Atlantic Ocean. The vast open water provide the perfect playground for high-sea adventures. Whether riding the waves or soaring above them, water sports in North Myrtle Beach keep visitors active. Read on for some ideas, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Top 3 Water Sports in North Myrtle Beach for Adventure

Jet Skiing

Jet skis offer thrills for everyone — from first-timers to seasoned pros. Dozens of companies along the coast rent jet skis, and many provide life jackets, guided tours and instruction. Top-rated options include Action Water Sportz, Myrtle Beach Watersports and Thomas Outdoors Watersports.

If unsure of balance, reserve a sit-down model that holds two and cruise the waterfront. The solo version offers more exercise and excitement, and takes more skill to ride.


Windsurfing requires riders to balance and navigate a sailboard. For most people, riding one is not as difficult as it looks, but it does take some practice. Most people maintain balance after a single day of lessons.

Several operators offers windsurfing lessons in North Myrtle Beach. High-rated options include Kokopelli Surf Camp, Carolina Waterman and Jack’s Surf Lessons and Board Rentals. After mastering windsurfing, try kiteboarding. Myrtle Beach Kiteboarding School offers a fast-track class that covers everything visitors need in one day.


Those who love the thrill but not the physical exertion of some water sports in North Myrtle Beach, find parasailing a compromise.

Whether riding solo or with someone special, parasailing allows adventurers to fly high over the water. Just strap into the seat, jump off at the right time and let the boat and sail do the rest. While parasailing, keep an eye out for dolphins playing in the water. Myrtle Beach Parasailing and Atlantic Watersports help guests fly hundreds of feet over the water and make new memories.

Plan an adventure today. Book a North Myrtle Beach vacation rental. Then get more thrills at these action-packed attractions.