There Is Nothing Off During the Off Season in Maui

The off season in Maui usually occurs early September to mid-December. However, by off they mean when less people visit. During this time of year, less crowds populate the beaches, travel costs decline and things slow down a little. But many know there’s no true off-season, as the island continues to offer a tropical paradise of things to do.

Off Season in Maui: What to Expect


The weather is always great here, so prepare to bring T-shirts and flip flops and a light jacket. The fall off-season offers a dryer climate with highs in the 70s and lows around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reduced Prices

Another good perk of the off season in Maui is airline fares may be reduced. For the lowest rates, travel mid-week as airfare costs increase closer to the weekend. In addition, many vacation rental prices drop in order to cater to more guests. Guests can easily book a rental for as little as $1,200 for a full seven days. For perspective, the same rentals may cost as much as 1,800 for a week in July.

For the best vacation rental deals in Maui, contact a local property manager and ask for rates. Many offer special discounts and perks for returning guests.

Entertainment and Festivals

Even during fall there is plenty of entertainment, both local and national. See big acts in music or attend the Hawaiian International Film Festival in November. Other nightlife spots include Fleetwood’s on Front Street, Ale House, Mulligan’s on the Blue and the Sly Mongoose. And don’t forget to find a local luau for Hawaiian cuisine and culture.

For local flavor and handmade goodies, attend the Made in Maui County Festival. This event ranks as the island’s biggest shopping day of the year and occurs in early November. In addition to shopping, enjoy live demonstrations, fashion shows, food and prizes.

Whether celebrating the holidays or just need a quick getaway, Maui’s warm weather and aloha spirit welcome visitors anytime of year. For more tips, check out our Maui vacation guide.