Top 5 Tips for Traveling With Kids: How to Reduce Stress, Boredom

Traveling with kids requires planning and patience. And more planning and patience. However, with some simple steps, it can seem a bit easier. Let vacations be filled with adventure and joy, not family squabbles. These five tips from can help ensure the entire family has a great vacation.

Traveling With Kids: Top 5 Tips for Parents

1. Traveling with kids can be difficult at times. To ease mental stress, think of the trip as an adventure. Mishaps will then seem like small obstacles that don’t matter much. Stay positive.

2. For parents with young kids, schedule travel to coincide with nap times. If traveling by car, leave about an hour before their nap time. Bring some toys and activities to keep them entertained before they drift off to sleep. After they fall asleep, enjoy a couple of hours of quiet time on the road.

3. Many airlines no longer have special boarding for families with small children. What can you do? Send Dad in first with as many things as he can comfortably carry. Mom stays in the boarding area with the kids until it’s necessary to board the plane. This gives the kids time to run around and burn energy before they settle in an airplane seat.

4. Bring markers, crayons and paper to keep kids busy for a couple of hours. Unveil a new toy and surprise the kids once you’re on the plane. A new toy may prevent crankiness and boredom on long plane rides. Consider bringing a few new toys, and reveal them one at a time during the trip.

5. Avoid making too many promises that may need to be changed. Set aside time every day to do kid stuff and have fun. These moments don’t happen often, but the memories will last forever.

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