Breck Activities: Top 5 Things to Do When Vacationing in Breckenridge

Vacationing in Breckenridge, Colorado, gives visitors access to four seasons of outdoor adventure. Its historic downtown bustles with good vibes, while the mountain provides a place to delve into the great outdoors. If wondering what to do, take a look at the top five Breck activities that vacationers can try.

Top 5 Breck Activities: The Outdoors Are Calling

Hike the Trails

Breckenridge was once an old mining town. However as the industry declined, the area was carefully restored and now features pristine hiking trails. In the summer, hikers come for the beautiful scenery and native wildlife. Historical mining tours provide captivating learning sidebars. By winter, trails become challenging odysseys fit for seasoned snow-shoers. Breck offers hundreds of hiking trails suitable for all skill levels and ages. Read our picks for the best hiking trails in Breckenridge.

Mountain Biking

Breckenridge offers a variety of mountain bike trails — over 100 miles in fact. The main peak, Quandary Peak, presents ambitious riders with a 14,000-foot elevation view of the surroundings. Other trails include easy paved roads, rocky mountain terrain and fat bike paths in the winter. In addition, these areas stretch across the city’s rivers, lakes, passes and valleys, providing the perfect mix of exercise and scenery. Bikers will require a combination of endurance, strength and courage to complete all of the trails. Nevertheless, each trail offers expansive views and ambience unique to the area.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Winter in Breckenridge means snow and lots of it. The area received on average 360 inches of snow per year on five peaks. Ski aficionados will appreciate local ski facilities, lessons and challenges. Peaks 10 and 9 consistently receive excellent reviews from avid skiers, and bridges allow access to areas previously untouched. All in all, skiers and snowboarders have access to over 2,900 acres, a world-class resort and experts to guide them along the way.

Golf in Breckenridge

Known as the “Golden Bear” of golf, legendary Jack Nicklaus designed a signature golf course in Breckenridge. The Breckenridge Golf Course presents distinct challenges of high altitudes mixed with dramatic views — all situated on 27 holes. Golfers will find four sets of tees, a par 72 and elevation changes throughout the greens. Play a nine-hole for a quick game, or spend the day and play all three courses.


Home to more than 200 stores, Breckenridge houses a large collection of locally owned shops and retailers. Whether looking for specialty or general items, shopping ranks among the top Breck activities for variety and possible finds. Expect to find mountain apparel and equipment, accessories, jewelry, fashion for the family, bookstores, toy stores and more. Make sure to plan a half-day seeing Breckenridge’s Main Street, which also hosts special events.

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