Synchronized Firefly Show to Light up the Great Smoky Mountains

In the Smoky Mountains, attractions and shows occur year-round, but there’s one time of year when a spectacular show comes to town — the Synchronized Firefly Show. Every year in June, a natural phenomenon occurs. The Synchronized Firefly Show draws visitors from all over to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The highlight are fireflies, but they aren’t just any fireflies. They are known as bio-luminescent beetles, famous for their synchronous flashing light shows.

Synchronized Firefly Show: What to Expect

A rare and intriguing insect, these fireflies are the only species of fireflies that synchronize their flashing light patterns.  There is only one other place in the world besides the Great Smoky Mountains where this phenomena can be viewed, which is Southeast Asia.

The unique light patterns these fireflies display serve as a mating ritual. Each firefly has a characteristic flash pattern that helps the male and female recognize one another, thus lighting up synchronously. This mating ritual delights nature enthusiasts and provides a special sight for anyone to enjoy.

Most firefly species exhibit a greenish-yellow light, but one species produces a blue-tint light.  It may take a few seconds for the fireflies to sync up, but when they do, prepare to watch the night sky light up with green, yellow and blue.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park provides trolleys and parking passes available on a lottery basis. During the Synchronized Firefly Show, guests have access to a shuttle system, portable restrooms, and should prepare for weather. This event goes on rain or shine.

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