Sun Valley Idaho Visitor Center: Start Your Vacation Here

Heading to Sun Valley to see why ski lovers and famous artists adore this resort town? Start with a trip to the Sun Valley Idaho Visitor Center, a place full of friendly locals ready to help visitors. Read why this visitor center ranks as the place to start your vacation.

Sun Valley Idaho Visitor Center: What to Expect

The Visitor Center, which features mid-century architecture, offers Sun Valley tourists and locals a convenient source for information about getting around the area and enjoying the trip. Start things at the visitors center for helpful information about:

  • Upcoming special events
  • Local transportation around Ketchum and Sun Valley
  • Recreation activities
  • Skiing advice to ensure everyone has seasonal equipment
  • Advice for customizing the trip

The city’s visitor center connects visitors with information about shopping and dining in Sun Valley, and can inform guests about major events like film festivals, concerts, symphonies and the world-renown skiing season that lasts much of the year. In addition, visitors can order a hot cup of Starbucks coffee, as the center shares a building with the coffee shop.

Ketchum Ranger Station

Outdoor lovers may want to make a pit stop at the Ketchum Ranger Station located in Sawtooth National Forest. The station serves over 320,000 acres of mountains filled with streams, trails and wildlife. Rangers provide expert guidance on the best places to ski, hike, bike, fish and picnic. They are also happy to share any rules and regulations, ensuring everyone has a safe experience. Other rangers stations are located in: Fairfield, Burley, Ketchum and Stanley.

Local Guides Sun Valley

Some people prefer to have a local guide show the area. If a guided trip sounds fun, check out Sturtevants. Owned and operated by Sun Valley locals, this shop specializes in everything Sun Valley. The team comprises mountain lovers who bike, hike, ski and find new ways to experience adventure.

Sturtevants offers guided hiking, mountain biking and custom tours for all skill levels. These tours suit solo, couples, groups and families, ensuring everyone sees the best of the northern Rockies. In addition to tours, the shop rents and sells equipment. Rent everything needed for a day on the slopes or find a mountain bike and ride the area. Sturtevants ranks among the oldest ski shops in the U.S., and prides itself on quality service.

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