South Miami Attractions: Where to See Iconic Sites

South Miami has long been a Florida vacation hot spot for singles and families alike. Whether looking to relax on the beach or experience exciting nightlife, South Miami features distinct neighborhoods that offer a mix of cultures, flavors, and things to do. Need some ideas? Before planning a trip, read about the most popular South Miami attractions and sites.

Top 8 South Miami Attractions and What to Do

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Explore South Beach

At South Beach – aka SoBe – the fun never stops. No, really. During the day visitors find dozens of boutiques, art galleries, spas, restaurants and one of the most visited beaches in the country. When visiting South Beach, families should try boating, sailing, fishing, swimming, surfing, scuba and more.

After sunset, the area bursts with lively nightlife energy. A variety of clubs and restaurants welcome visitors to try diverse menus and get to know locals. Many South Beach nightlife hot spots are open all hours as well.

Walk Around Lincoln Road

Nestled in South Beach, many say Lincoln Road is a must-see. Known as one of the top attractions in Miami, this area offers something others do not: It’s completely pedestrian-friendly. Not a single car, bus or trolley will interrupt people walking on Lincoln Road.

While exploring, admire architecture, bright lights and historic sites that have been remodeled to accommodate guests. While strolling through Lincoln Road, find restaurants, vendors and street performers. The area also has retail shops, from big-box stores to small boutiques, providing a shopping haven for all ages.

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Admire Art Deco

Miami’s Art Deco District has been featured on National Geographic and Travel Channel. This 20th-century neighborhood houses 800 structures built between 1923 and 1943.

The Official Art Deco Walking Tour – which takes place every morning at 10:30 a.m. – is a great way to see the area. The tour lasts 90 minutes and includes a guided tour that tells the history and allows inside access to several buildings. For those who prefer to explore on their own, the area is best seen by foot or on a bike. Check out the top Miami tours for more inspiration.

Play at Lummus Park

Located in Miami’s Deco District sits Lummus Park, which has served as the backdrop for TV shows including Miami Vice and USA’s Burn Notice. Paved walking and biking paths as well as restrooms are available for guest use, but the main attraction is the beach itself.

Tall palm trees and clear turquoise waters welcome visitors to experience the hype that is Lummus Park Beach. When visiting, guests can bike, roller blade, play volleyball, or simply relax to the sounds of the crashing water.

Ride Down Ocean Drive

When it’s time to cruise the strip, head to Ocean Drive. The area is full of activities, events, restaurants and shops. Another top spot for art deco, art and history lovers can see structures that date from 1938 to 1940. For a party on the water, book one of the cruises and charters that provide opportunities for fishing, sightseeing, gaming and wildlife-watching.

Ocean Drive is another popular spot for nightlife in Miami and houses clubs, including Clevelander, Club O1 Ocean Drive and Nikki Beach Club. Many people praise Ocean Drive for its family-friendly vibe during the day and party-hard atmosphere at night.

Meet Locals at Espanola Way

Find charming Spanish colonial architecture at Espanola Way, an intimate area located within South Beach, just a few blocks off Ocean Drive. This pedestrian-friendly European-style street houses shops, vendors, and restaurants offering menus as diverse as the population.

At Espanola Way, truly taste flavors from around the world. In addition to dining options, this remote area is perfect for the romantic at heart. Couples can sit under umbrellas, admire the foliage, or visit small boutiques that sell jewelry, clothes and souvenirs.

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Take a Tour

Miami Beach Botanical Garden provides a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of South Miami, and is known as a gathering spot for relaxation and education. The garden measures 2.6-acres and features 13 stops full of natural scenery and landscape.

Photographers are welcome to bring a camera and attend workshops that provide expert tips. Yogis gather every Saturday and Wednesday, for only $15, to meditate and practice in the garden. Admission is free, but they do appreciate and recommend a $5 donation per each guest.

Relax at South Point Park

Another more remote spot is South Point Park and Pier, one of the more recent South Miami attractions. A paved sidewalk welcomes guests to jog, roller blade, walk, or sit on benches and enjoy the view. Kids can play on the playground and cool off in the mini water park.

At South Point Park, guests have access to restaurants, natural areas and 360-degree views of the water. Many guests also praise the park’s more laid-back vibe, and don’t be surprised if you see photographers and film crews.

Getting Around South Miami

South Beach Trolley provides an easy and affordable way to reach hot spots all over SoBe. For a small fee, guests can ride a large system that runs throughout the most popular areas in South Beach Miami.

Find South Miami vacation rental, and see these South Miami attractions in person. Love taking photos? Check out the most Instagrammable spots in Miami.