Ski Trip Packing Tips for a Successful Mountain Vacation

In many mountain destinations, winter brings tons of snow and ways to enjoy it. From skiing slopes to relaxing sleigh rides, visitors find activities that keep them outdoors. However, those new to skiing – or cold-weather destinations – may find packing a daunting task. To help newcomers, read these ski trip packing tips.

6 Ski Trip Packing Tips for Newcomers and First-time Skiers

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Think Lots of Layers

There are three layers skiers need in order to feel comfortable and warm: a base, mid-layers and outer shell. Each offer protection and work as a whole to keep travelers warm.

For the base, pack thermal underwear, which should fit snug to the skin. Next, pack mid-layers. This clothing helps insulate the body’s heat, and one popular option is flannel. Shell layers, the outer layer, should be wind and waterproof. Both pants and jackets should have a shell layer, and many may have a mid-layer built into the design.

Depending on the temperature, consider wearing a couple of base and mid-layers to protect the body from cold temperatures. Other things to pack for outdoor recreation include: snug ski socks that go over thermal underwear; insulated waterproof ski mittens; balaclava (ski mask) to protect the face from windburn; and a ski helmet and ski goggles.

Leave Dresses, Skirts and Heels at Home

It may seem tempting to pack dresses for a night out, but in ski towns, jeans are well accepted and more practical. Stay warm and comfortable. Pack cownecks, a winter coat, turtlenecks, bulky sweaters, boots with tread, hats and earmuffs, and gloves. Remember to dress in layers, even if just walking around town. Bars and restaurants have the heat on, so just remove outer layers once settled inside.

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Pack Boots Not Skiing Equipment

Due to excessive airfare luggage fees, it’s best to rent ski equipment from a local shop. Many ski towns offer discounts through accommodations, multiday deals and groups. Wear snow boots with tread on the plane, and pack ski boots in the carry-on in case of lost luggage.

Many companies offer the ability to rent online and deliver directly to a rental accommodation. To plan ahead, research companies located in the ski town. Then ask for special packages that include equipment, lift tickets, lessons and storage options if needed.

Avoid Jewelry and Long Scarfs

Jewelry and long scarfs can get hung or caught in ski apparel. They can also get lost or stolen. Leave them at home and focus on casual comfort. Some prefer to wear a watch instead of carrying their phone, so consider a weather resistant watch that fits between layers.

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Health and Skin Care Preparation

Winter’s cold temperatures can wreak havoc on the skin. Invest in sunscreen and moisturizers to keep skin protected. Moisturize after a shower and before bed to help skin retain more moisture. Some also recommend medicated lip cream that heals chapped lips overnight. Read more winter health tips for cold-weather destinations.

What to Pack in Carry Ons

Carry-on luggage should contain the most important items in case of lost or misplaced luggage. In the carry-on include: travel-size toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, sunscreen and a toothbrush. Don’t forget medications and contact-lens container. Miscellaneous items are: accommodation confirmation, maps, local guides, extra device chargers and a light snack. For added safety, pack an extra hat and pair of gloves. Better safe than sorry.

Off the Slopes

Many ski resorts offer more to do than ski. Whether taking a sleigh ride through or simply relaxing, travelers should plan for off-the-slopes activities. Many vacation rentals have hot tubs perfect for soaking after a long day. Bring a swimsuit for soaking, and pack warm pajamas, slippers, robe, and hand and feet warmers. For outdoor recreation, plan outfits based on activities. Also consider a light backpack or fannypack to carry important items while outdoors.

After reading these ski trip packing tips, pick the destination. Check out ski resorts in Canada, Colorado and Utah.