Six Reasons to See a Movie on Vacation

Taking a vacation brings people together and allows you to explore new areas, try new foods and make memories that last a lifetime. Most places offer lots of outdoor recreation and attractions, but what happens if it rains or if everyone disagrees on an activity? To help problem-solve, here are some reasons why movies are an ideal alternative and some top-rated theaters if visiting the areas below.

Tower Theater, Miami, FL

Phillip Pessar

Bring Everyone Together

Going to a movie unites everyone for one common goal: entertainment. Audiences can pick their seats and snacks, and enjoy two hours of big-screen action. Movies also serve as conversation starters, as viewers can discuss their thoughts and their favorite scenes.

Break from the Weather

If vacationing at the beach or mountains, weather plays a factor. Sometimes storms creep up, and pools and beaches close for safety measures. Sometimes it’s unbelievably hot, and you just need a break from the sun and heat. Seeing a movie provides an escape from Mother Nature, giving you something to do outside of where you’re staying.

Have A Perfect Date

A movie offers couples a great date option. Low lighting, close seating and an escape from the world provides an intimate setting. This is why sharing a movie remains a classic date-night activity. After the show, have dinner at a nearby restaurant to discuss the movie over local foods and drinks.

Prevent Kid Boredom

Most kids have boundless amounts of energy, and keeping them busy can exhaust parents. However, many kids also love movies. Picking a family-friendly movie helps prevent boredom, settles them down and give parents a reprieve from the constant hustle.

Visit Local Theaters

Sightseeing usually tops the list of things to do, and many areas have local theaters that are staples in their communities. When visiting a local theater, immerse yourself in the area’s history as well as enjoy the movie. Many local theaters play new releases and indie films.

Kill Time Before a Flight

You may have four or five hours between check out and a flight home. Instead of hanging out at the airport, find a nearby theater and catch a flick. This provides a relaxing last-day activity and reduces waiting times. It makes time move much faster as well.

Here are some top theaters if visiting these areas:

Gatlinburg, TN: The Forge Cinemas

Gulf Shores, AL: Cobb Theatres Pinnacle 14

Miami, FL: Le Jeune Cinema 6, Tower Theater

Myrtle Beach, SC: Grand 14 Cinema

Orlando, FL: Regal Cinemas Pointe Orlando 20 & IMAX

Panama City, FL: Regal Cinemas Regency Stadium 11, Carmike Mall 4

San Diego, CA: Edwards Mira Mesa 18 IMAX & RPX