Rental Property Managers Have Ways to Support the Local Community

As strong ties with local businesses grow, it’s easy for short-term rental managers to participate in community events and outreach activities. This also encourages guests, homeowners, and staff to get involved and get to know your brand. And that’s good for business. People show loyalty to brands that support the local community. Sharing time, energy, and resources with the community can also be an effective way to establish contacts and strengthen partnerships — not to mention a great source for marketing content. Read on for some new ideas.

Helpful Ways to Support the Local Community

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With various short-term rental topics and controversy concerning industry regulations, established outreach efforts help property managers take ownership of serving the needs within and positively impacting the community.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to get involved:

  • Check with a local library branch for fundraisers and mention those to guests. Often, they will partner with a restaurant to donate a portion of the proceeds on a certain date. A double win for the community!
  • Sponsor a Fun Run, Charity Golf Tournament or youth sporting event
  • Buy uniforms for a Little League team
  • Join or sponsor a Community Clean-Up event
  • Donate spent linens to an animal shelter
  • Keep a current list of upcoming events, including farmers markets, craft shows, and Garden Club Seed Swaps. Find ways to participate and support the event.

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The Next Step: Guidebooks Support the Local Community

As a short-term rental property manager or owner, you probably have a guest guidebook full of helpful tips and favorite local spots. If not, get on that ASAP and check out these welcome book tips. When guests visit a destination, they want to experience it like a local. Give them not only a comfortable place to stay, but an inside look at the best shops, restaurants and attractions within the community.

A guidebook also helps property managers build a growing collection of partnerships within the community. Trade coupons, discounts, special codes, and offers with other businesses and vendors, so guests get to know the area while generating new business.

Article by Valerie Goodman, iTrip®