Visit Fort Morgan Historic Site and Relive American History

Revered as the “Guardian of the Bay,” Fort Morgan Historic Site has stood watch over Mobile Bay since its 1834 construction on the eastern of the two narrow peninsulas that guard the famous Alabama bay. This attraction not only depicts American history, but visitors also enjoy access to Fort Morgan from area vacation rentals. Read how to enjoy the beach and history in Fort Morgan.

About Fort Morgan Historic Site

Named for Revolutionary War hero Daniel Morgan, the fort is a veteran of four wars: Spanish-American War, Civil War and both World War I and II. An important part of U.S. military history, the star-shaped brick fort was declared a national historic site in 1960 and now operates as a living history museum by the National Park Service. A Fort Morgan vacation provides visitors with an opportunity to experience the fascinating history of this important Alabama landmark.

Just 22 miles west of Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan is located at the end of scenic Alabama State Route 180 at the tip of Mobile Point. The drive along the narrow peninsula provides beautiful scenic views and delightful opportunities for picnic lunches and bird-watching. The peninsula also offers a major stopover point for migrating birds, humming birds and monarch butterflies, which has made Fort Morgan an important bird area that draws birders from around the world.

Built with 40 million bricks, Fort Morgan is considered among the finest examples of military architecture in the U.S. The fort is probably most famous for its role in the Civil War battle for the control of Mobile Bay. After a siege, the fort finally fell to Union Admiral David Farragut who ordered his fleet into torpedo-mined waters to attack the fort.

Fort Morgan Tours

Fort Morgan Historic Site offers 45-minute tours that focus on important aspects of different wars. Visitors learn about specific battles and hear stories about who haunts the area around Halloween. In addition to the tours, groups are welcome to enjoy the beach and go fishing, all in one convenient location. Before leaving, stop by the gift shop for a piece of history to take home.

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