Reasons Why iTrip® is the Best Vacation Rental Company

Managing short-term rentals comes with a lot of work and responsibilities. While they provide a great investment option and second income source, they can also cause stress and leave owners unsure of how to proceed. The good news is that iTrip offers everything self-managers, homeowners and investors need to simplify their rental management experience. Read on to learn why iTrip is the best vacation rental company and learn about the full-service rental property management program.

Why iTrip is the Best Vacation Rental Company and Management Option for Short-term

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Make More Money

On average, rental owners see an increase of 25% more revenue in the first year of listing with iTrip verses self-managing.  iTrip’s managers study pricing data, so homeowners maximize their revenue potential. They use strategic revenue management practices that consider important factors and may adjust rates daily.

However, this dynamic pricing model is just one way to generate more revenue. Other money-saving perks include distribution on the world’s largest listing sites such as and Vrbo, free photography, special offers, free light maintenance, and competitive management fees often lower than other companies in the area.

Professional Small Business Owners

iTrip is the largest franchise brand serving the short-term rental management industry. Each iTrip franchise is locally owned and operated by a business owner and/or team in the area. This means they have invested their own time and money into their rental property management business.

When working with an iTrip franchisee, homeowners and investors deal directly with the business owner. They have personal email addresses and phone numbers, so they can contact their manager anytime. It’s boutique-level service catered to each individual and their needs.

No Call Centers

Due to the local presence iTrip’s managers have, there are no call centers in other states or countries. When someone contacts iTrip, they speak to the owner or a local employee. Therefore, there is no need to escalate calls through an automated system or hunt for the right person.

In addition, iTrip has staff dedicated to all aspects of business operations. While franchise owners provide personal service on the local level, a corporate team handles business development, software, technology, marketing, customer relations, and other important tasks. Those who list with iTrip have an entire team dedicated to their rental’s success.

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iTrip Handles Everything – Even Taxes

The full-service rental management program includes every aspect of management. The program includes cleaning, maintenance, staging, photography, guest screening, pricing, gathering guest reviews and check-in/check-out. That’s just the beginning.

iTrip also collects and remits tax payments on behalf of homeowners and provides monthly statements. To maintain its best vacation rental company reputation, iTrip works with Inhabit IQ to support the short-term rental industry and fight against unfair regulations and legislation.

Secret Sauce Marketing Tactics

In addition, iTrip uses strategic digital marketing processes and artificial intelligence. Examples include paid placement ads on search engines, enewsletters, social media and retargeting to past guests.

Paired with listing on more than 80 distribution channels, this keeps the iTrip brand in front of more people. These tactics reach millions of people every day.

Get Your Life Back and Stress Less

iTrip manages more than 5,300 short-term rental properties in North America. The portfolio includes beach houses, condos, cabins, tiny houses, hi-rises, single-family homes, estates and luxurious rentals in more than 100 destinations.

Join a trusted brand in short-term rental property management and get the best service in the industry. Personal 24/7 support from a local business owner, more money every month, and five-star guest reviews mean iTrip’s properties perform better and owners have peace of mind.

Plus, owners can use their rental property anytime. There are no restrictions on owner use, and owners can block dates using an online portal where calendars are always updated.

Want to relax and earn potentially thousands of dollars more on your rental? Contact iTrip for a free rental revenue forecast today.