Palm Coast Property Managers Provide Local Care Area Needs

When Jason and Valarie Fromm purchased iTrip Palm Coast-Flagler Beach in 2022, they invested in an established area thriving with short-term rentals. It would not be long before they were expert Palm Coast property managers.

“We became aware that a local iTrip franchise was going up for sale, and since we live in the area, we decided to meet with the current owner,” said Jason Fromm, iTrip Palm Coast-Flagler Beach co-owner. “After meeting, we saw the growth potential and decided to purchase. We did not consider purchasing a new franchise due to our lack of desire to relocate.”

Meet The Team: Palm Coast Property Managers in Florida

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That’s when things took off for the Fromms. With deep ties to the community, the team set out to address the needs of homeowners who were working with the previous owner while enhancing the level of care that the short-term rental community needed in Palm Coast. This included updating licenses, maintenance issues and operational processes.

“We immediately contacted all local agencies to determine what the proper procedures were for short-term rentals and reviewed which current properties were not in compliance,” explained Jason. “Next, we took this information to the homeowners, who were very honest about how they felt about how the business was being operated. We then worked to show them how we would be different. By being up front and honest with them, they began to see we would take care of their property and have their best interest in mind.”

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Vacation Rental Management in Palm Coast-Flagler Beach

Just how is iTrip different? While some property managers split their time to sell real estate and others work for large corporations, iTrip Palm Coast-Flagler Beach is locally owned and operated.

Not only do the Fromms live and work in the community, but they also partner with other small businesses such as cleaners and maintenance specialists. Plus, homeowners and guests can reach the team directly without call centers or generic chat prompts.

“We are different because we are local, more hands-on and customer oriented,” said Jason. “Our team focuses on the needs of our homeowners and guests. They are our customers. We have even heard, ‘Is this a real person?’ after answering the phone. This shows other property management companies aren’t responsive.”

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Photo: iTrip Palm Coast Flagler Beach

iTrip Palm Coast-Flagler Beach Is the Go-to Resource

All of this hard work and dedication has created many opportunities for the company to grow, despite opening during the Covid 19 Pandemic, which didn’t officially end until May 2023.

The Fromms started with nine vacation rental properties in December 2022. As of March 2024, the company managed about 40 properties with more onboarding. That’s 344% growth in just over two years.

“Prior to purchasing the franchise, the previous owner lost two properties,” said Jason. “Both homeowners reached out to us after they discovered it was under new ownership. Both mentioned they loved the iTrip system but left due to differences they had with the previous ownership. We have since built a relationship with these two homeowners, and their properties are once again listed with iTrip.”

A Full-Service Solution

In addition, the iTrip rental property management program provides a full-service solution to short-term rental owners and vacation rental owners in Palm Coast-Flagler Beach. Those who partner with iTrip receive free light maintenance, professional photography and listing descriptions, unique web pages, personal service for guests, rate management tools, transparent reports, and consistent communication with local managers.

“Homeowners shouldn’t have to worry about their properties,” said Jason. “If there is an issue, we take care of it and always communicate with the homeowner. Communication is a key factor in a successful business.”

Learn more about iTrip Palm Coast-Flagler Beach or connect with the team directly at 855-554-8747. To visit the area, browse vacation rentals in Palm Coast and find fun things to do.