Pagosa Hot Springs: Where to Let Stress Wash Away

Pagosa Springs is located in southwest Colorado surrounded by the San Juan Mountains. While many visit the area for hiking and skiing, the city also has an abundance of hot springs. In fact, one even ranks the deepest geothermal springs in the world, according to Guinness World Records. Ready to relax? Here’s the scoop on all the Pagosa hot springs.

Pagosa Hot Springs: Time to Soak, Relax and Recharge

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Photo: Mega Hammond

The Springs Resort and Spa

The Springs Resort and Spa overlooks San Juan River and has the most geothermal hot springs in Colorado. Guests have access to 23 mineral water hot spring pools, ranging in temperatures measuring 83 degrees to 114 degrees Fahrenheit.

Great Pagosah Spring a.k.a Mother Spring – the largest hot spring — feeds mineral water into pools and holds the title as the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring. In 2011, Guinness World Records representatives measured it at 1,002 feet deep, however no one knows for sure. Nothing has ever reached the bottom.

The Springs Resort and Spa stays opens year-round. That’s right. Guests do not have to stay at the resort to soak in these Pagosa hot springs. General admission grants access to most pools, with the exception of adult-only pools located at the relaxation terrace.

In addition to pools, The Springs Resort and Spa houses a cafe, full-service restaurant, bar and casual canteen. Guests also enjoy booking massages or face treatments at the spa.

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Healing Waters Resort and Spa

Locally owned and operated, Healing Waters Resort and Spa has served the area since 1950. This resort also has 100% mineral water springs, including a swimming pool, hot tub and indoor hot baths.

This resort may be smaller in size, but it’s big in relaxation. Healing Waters Resort and Spa opens to the public and welcomes all ages. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Additionally, guests enjoy reasonable admission fees and different pricing options.

After soaking in these Pagosa hot springs, schedule a massage. The resort offers different massage styles, including therapeutic, acupressure, Swedish, Reiki and other treatments. Those looking for more things to do will find downtown Pagosa Springs attractions within walking distance.

Overlook Mineral Springs Spa

As the newest provider of Pagosa hot springs, Overlook Mineral Springs Spa offers a Victorian ambiance and mineral-water pools. Guests enjoy soaking in scenic rooftop tubs and five indoor pools.

Overlook Mineral Springs Spa ranks as a popular apres ski location. The spa also offers reasonable rates, with come-and-go passes and private tub room options. To enhance relaxation, guests select massages. Overlook offers Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone and body therapies. In addition to soothing services, the spa features a downtown location near dining and shopping.

It’s time to escape. Read more about vacationing in Pagosa Springs.