2015 iTrip Vacations® Summit: News, Highlights and Partners

Each year, iTrip Vacations® gathers with partners and guests to share, learn, and unveil big news. The 2015 iTrip Summit brought people from all over North America for three days of events and fun. From guest speakers to new enhancements, the Summit was a big success. Here are a few of the highlights from the 2015 iTrip Vacations® Summit.

Recap: 2015 iTrip Vacations® Summit Announcements and News

2015 itrip vacations summit news

iTrip.net Gets Redesign

iTrip.net received a major facelift in 2015. New branding paired with better photos and user-friendly design spotlight the company’s travel destinations, and provide useful information to those looking to book trips. The site also features social icons, so users can connect with iTrip. See beautiful photos and find helpful tips, attractions, events, rental discounts, new listings and trip ideas. iTrip Vacations® also partners with Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, Booking.com and Flipkey to bring travelers the best vacation rentals.

Download iTrip’s New App

Take pictures, personalize them and send creations to loved ones with the VacayCard app. The mobile app is available through the Apple App Store and GooglePlay Store. With the app, users can customize pictures, add messages and send a full-color 4×6 postcards to friends and family, all from a smartphone.

Meet Darren LaCroix

iTrip Vacations® property managers spent a full day with Darren LaCroix, a World Champion Public Speaker. He has been a keynote speaker for more than 20 years, and he taught the iTrip team the ins-and-outs of effective presentations and speeches. LaCroix offers online courses, business coaching and live events that help individuals and business-people become better communicators.

itrip vacations franchise business

Own A Lifestyle Business

Big news hit in fall 2015, when iTrip Vacations® announced the move to a franchise model. iTrip Vacations® property management franchises offer the opportunity for entrepreneurs to own their own business, while living and working in their personal paradise. With hundreds of locations in North America, franchisees receive support and tools from iTrip and other trusted partners in the vacation rental industry. Learn more about iTrip Vacations® franchise ownership.

See the FlipNerd Interviews

Tom Bissmeyer, co-founder of iTrip Vacations®, sat down with FlipNerd.com to discuss the growing vacation rental industry and diversifying investment portfolios by adding vacation rentals.

FlipNerd.com specializes in inspiring, teaching and creating value in communities through real estate investment. This was also the first time FlipNerd discussed vacation rentals, and Bissmeyer was excited a participate. In addition, Bissmeyer discussed how iTrip works with local property managers, local businesses, and national partners to offer business and leisure opportunities in hundreds of locations. Watch the show or listen to the podcast.

Thanks, National Presenters

The 2015 iTrip Vacations® Summit also brought in HomeAway, Booking.com and ResortLock. These partners delivered presentations and offer services to iTrip property managers. Each company that partners with iTrip Vacations® helps local rental managers maximize property revenues and provide better services for owners and guests.

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