Naples Airboat Tours: 4 Exciting Ways to See the Everglades

Naples airboat tours rank as an action-packed way to see the Everglades in southwest Florida. These tours offer insight into what life is like for those who use airboats for transportation, fishing, bowfishing and hunting. Airboats are powered by a propeller similar to that of an aircraft or automotive engine, making for an ideal mode of transportation across shallow waters. Ready to explore? Read more about the top Naples airboat tours and make reservations.

Top 4 Naples Airboat Tours for Everglade Adventures

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Corey Billie Airboat Rides

Owned and manged by native Seminole and Floridian Corey Billie, these 45-minute tours educate and entertain guests. Deep cultural roots and a passion for the area allow Billie and his team of Everglade experts to pass down knowledge through adventure and experience.

On this tour, visitors head deep into the 200-acre preserve, and see tropical plants and animals such as alligators. While riding, enjoy large cushioned seats, comfortable seating for up to 10 adults, and opportunities for souvenir shopping. Before leaving, don’t forget to take a picture with a live baby alligator.

Captain Mitch’s Airboat Tours

Explore thousands of acres on one of the most popular Naples airboat tours, operated by Captain Mitch House. For more than 60 years, the company has offered Everglade tours where visitors see alligators, snakes, birds and fish.

Captain Mitch explores his privately owned property, which shares lines with Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Preserve and Fakahatchee State Preserve. His team also consists of other Florida and Everglade natives, ensuring guests have fun and get the local perspective. Tours last one hour and cover a round-trip measuring 8 to 10 miles.

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Captain Jack’s Airboat Tours

Also among top-rated Naples airboat tours, visitors should try Captain Jack’s. Offering different options for exploring the Florida Everglades, Captain Jack’s is a must if traveling with the little ones.

Visitors have two options, the mangrove airboat tour and grassland tour, each lasting one hour. Families can also take a dryland tour in a swamp buggy or the Total Everglades combo, which offers three tours and free admission to the on-site animal sanctuary. The sanctuary houses rescued animals, including 100-plus alligators, and features live shows that educate and entertain guests.

Everglades City Airboat Tours

In nearby Everglades City, visitors meet Bruce Minton, a third-generation guide who focuses on a personalized service. Once aboard his airboat, guests wear two-way headphones that allow everyone to communicate with each other and the captain. To date, this is the only Naples airboat tour that uses this technology to enhance the Everglade experience.

Captain Bruce and his team are all native Floridians and offer fully narrated tours for all ages. Tours last one hour and explore mangrove jungles full of alligators, manatees and birds.

About the Everglades

The Everglades once housed Seminole, Calusa and Tequesta Native American tribes who migrated to the region in pursuit of large game. As climate change brought rising water tables, these tribes adapted to marshland life, traveling exclusively by canoes. Today, these waterways are frequented by airboats, which allow easy access to the ecosystem and wildlife. Don’t miss your chance to see the Everglades on these Naples airboat tours and start planning today.

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