Maui Underwater Scene Among World’s Best Dive Destinations

Maui features incredible underwater diversity. Reefs, ledges and caverns that surround the island provide home to a variety of marine life, giving divers the opportunity to witness everything from humpback whales and hammerhead sharks to green sea turtles and manta rays. And it’s not just us. Sport Diver magazine named Maui, Hawaii, one of the world’s best dive destinations. Find out why.

Why Maui Made the World’s Best Dive Destinations List

Molokini Crater Marine Preserve

Off the island’s southwestern shore, Molokini Crater Marine Preserve offers some of the finest diving scenes in the world. Spinner dolphins often accompany boats to sites where divers may see whitetip reef sharks patrolling ledges or encounter amberjacks and dwarf moray eels hiding in dark caverns.

Possible Underwater Sightings

Hawaiian garden eels, longnose hawkfish, masked angelfish, manta rays and green sea turtles live at the preserve, which is home to one-fifth of Hawaii’s fish population. Additionally, Maui’s waters have some of the most colorful and bizarre reef fish. The neon orange and blue coloring of the psychedelic wrasse stands out against the black volcanic rock. Hornlike nasal tubes of the flame-colored dragon moray resemble a fire-breathing dragon. In Maui’s warm waters, frogfish in rainbow hues grow to volleyball size and reticulated butterflyfish seem to float through the water.

Seasonal Whale Migrations

If visiting Maui between December and April, watch for humpback whales returning to the islands to birth their young. While diving in Maui it is possible to see these magnificent creatures up close. At the height of mating season, see the whales breaching in the channel or book a tour. Learn some Maui whale-watching tips before getting into the water.

With dozens of dive spots and things to see, it’s no secret Maui ranks among the world’s best dive destinations. See photos from Sport Diver and get ready for an exciting adventure.