Marietta Museums: Where to Explore the Arts in North Georgia

The city of Marietta may sit close to urban Atlanta, Georgia, but its small-town charm sets it apart from the metro area. Part of this charm includes the local arts and culture scene, which includes these Marietta museums. Scroll to learn more about each one.

Best Marietta Museums for Art, History and Special Interests

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Gone With the Wind Museum at Brumby

Those who enjoy Southern charm and culture should tour Brumby Hall, home to a historic home and Gone With the Wind Museum. This attraction showcases artifacts from books and movie and caters to die-hard fans.

Example pieces include the original honeymoon gown worn by Vivian Leigh, Margaret Mitchell’s personal possessions, original scripts, cast member memorabilia and more displays. After browsing exhibits, guests may tour the outside grounds, which includes gardens and rocking chairs.

Zuckerman Museum of Art

Located in Kennesaw State University, Zuckerman Museum of Art houses a permanent collection and features local and nationally known artists in various mediums.

The main focus is Ruth Zuckerman, a prominent artist who worked in sculptures. Other exhibits include print collections, works by Athos Menaboni, and a fine arts gallery that highlights historic and contemporary art. Visitors also attend special events and lectures.

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Marietta History Center

To find Marietta History Center, head to the Kennesaw House building, which once served as a cotton warehouse, makeshift hospital and morgue. Today it has the largest collection of artifacts that showcase Marietta and Cobb County’s history.

The museum has three galleries. Popular topics include home life, general history and the military. While touring, visitors will see Native American artifacts, printing presses, historic switchboards, a vintage kitchen, uniforms, battlefield relics, historic weapons and more from the region.

William Root House Museum and Garden

The William Root House dates to 1845. It has been restored to its 1860 appearance and features period pieces. In the museum, guests learn about the Root family who were early settlers in Marietta.

Exhibits showcase life in the 1800s, slavery in Southern suburbs, furniture and other antiques. The gardens have also been reconstructed to resemble the 1800s, with flowers, shrubs, vegetables and medicinal herbs.

Marietta Cobb Museum of Art

Those interested in American art enjoy Marietta Cobb Museum of Art. It is the only museum in metro Atlanta that focuses on American art, and showcases artists from the 1700s to present day. Exhibits change on a regular basis.

Past collections have included paintings, photography, artifacts, sculptures and clay. For a more in-depth experience, attend an artist talk or take a class in pottery, illustration, and painting.

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Marietta Fire Museum

Great for families, Marietta Fire Museum showcases the history of the Marietta Fire Department. Its collection includes antique fire apparatus, tools and gear, much of which dates to the 1850s. There are even ladder trucks – always a kid favorite.

Other items range from hoses and nozzles to helmets from around the world. At the museum, guests learn how the fire department has changed over the years and meet firefighters.

Museum of History and Holocaust

Also located at Kennesaw State University, Museum of History and Holocaust focuses on World War II and the Holocaust to educate and increase awareness.

Permanent exhibits showcase Georgia’s role and history during the time, women in the war, the first African American pilots, local heroes and propaganda. In addition, the museum has traveling exhibits. Examples include words and music from the Holocaust, Anne Frank, Jewish refugees and immigration.

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The Youth Museum

Great for families with kids, The Youth Museum is in a natural setting and allows children to step back in time. At the museum, visitors learn about historic events that influenced America’s independence such as The Boston Tea Party and Paul Revere’s midnight ride.

Other topics showcase Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, British generals, Benjamin Franklin, and church bells that ring for the new nation. The museum blends history with imagination.

Aviation History and Technology Center

The Aviation History and Technology Center caters to those interested in local aviation and military history with the hopes to encourage STEM interest and military appreciation.

The center houses both military aircraft and civilian aircraft. Must-sees are Ryan Firebee, Grumman Mohawk, Lockheed Specre Ghost Rider and Douglas Skyhawk, to name a few. Guests may also meet military veterans, aviation professionals and industry experts.

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