Kites Soar Over Ocean City at Maryland Kite Expo Every Spring

April breezes provide ideal kite flying weather, and Ocean City’s broad beaches offer the perfect kite-launching site. With few trees in sight and plenty of wind off the ocean, even newbies can makes kites soar in Ocean City. In fact, these kite-flying conditions bring flyers from all over to Ocean City in late April. Read more about the Maryland Kite Expo and what to expect.

Maryland Kite Expo in Ocean City

Thousands of people travel to Ocean City every year to watch colorful kites of all shapes and sizes soar through the air. The festival, which occurs on the last weekend in April, draws kite manufacturers and master flyers, featuring hundreds of beautiful and unusual kites. Among the collection of crowd-pleasing giant kites see intricate geometric cellular kites, dancing dragon kites, cute critter kites, traditional diamond kites, hand-painted art kites and more.

During the three-day Maryland Kite Expo, visitors can also expect new and unusual kite designs from world’s best kite designers. Kite-making workshops, thrilling kite battles and exciting stunt kite demonstrations also await festival attendees. Kids also love the free games and entertainment just for them. And remember, when they say ‘Go fly a kite,’ they mean it.

Sunfest Kite Festival in September

Can’t make it to the Maryland Kite Expo? Never fear. Ocean City hosts Sunfest Kite Festival in September. This five-day event brings together thousands of spectators and kite experts for flying fun. Popular activities include competitions, mass ascensions, relay races, games and workshops.

The Kite Loft, a local company, sponsors both events and sells kites, toys, flags, garden and home decor, and clothing and accessories. For over 40 years, the Kite Loft has delighted Ocean City with everything they need for high-flying fun. The store has two locations in Ocean City, so make sure to pick up some souvenirs before going home.

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