iTrip Vacations® St. Petersburg Beaches Owners Enjoy Franchise Success

Liz and Charles Park – owners and managers of iTrip Vacations® St. Petersburg Beaches – started their franchise business in 2010 and have enjoyed success ever since. The St. Pete area vacation property management company helps rental homeowners maximize their investments and provides high-quality services not found with other property management companies. Meet the team.

“Our main goal in starting our own business was to be able to move out of the corporate world, get in control of our own business and income, and live and work in a lifestyle that suited us best,” say the Parks. “iTrip satisfied all of those goals for us and more.”

iTrip Vacations® St. Petersburg Beaches Management Spotlight

itrip vacations st. petersburg beaches

Photo: Liz Park

The Parks had started a lifestyle business with iTrip Vacations®. This franchise business enables them to live and work in an area they love, while owning and managing a business they love. It’s the perfect combination for those who want to break free from an office environment and have more flexibility.

“Success for us is in how we are able to feel good about what we do and how we are able to spend time with our family consistently,” says Liz Park. “We have also been able to reach our full potential by honing in on each of our team member’s strengths. It’s very satisfying to find what you enjoy doing and fine-tune it.”

iTrip Vacations® Helps Build Franchise Business Success

iTrip Vacations® St. Petersburg Beaches provides vacation rental homeowners with services that include: low commission fees, free light maintenance, no rotation system, free premium marketing, free professional photography and videos, and more.

The Parks’ franchise business is part of iTrip Vacations® – a respected leader in vacation property management and private accommodations. The corporate iTrip team provides local franchise property managers with all the support and tools needed to help their business succeed. iTrip Vacations® has franchises in the U.S. and Canada.

“iTrip Vacations®’ technology has been key to our success,” says Charles Park. “We have been able to show homeowners how much better the iTrip program works. Many management companies are, for the most part, years behind us in terms of booking systems, marketing properties, inquiry response, as well as cleaning and maintenance scheduling and response.”

Franchisees with iTrip Vacations® not only benefit from proprietary systems and processes, but also premium marketing, low commission fees, 24-hour technical support, high-traffic Web portals and more. As local franchisees manage and build their business, the iTrip corporate team handles Web traffic, content marketing and social media, as well as helping with lead generation. Additionally, there are no required long-term leases or purchases of expensive commercial property.

“Our year-to-year growth has been fantastic, and we see great potential in the years to come,” say the Parks. “We are able to work, relax and travel on our schedule, knowing we can operate the business successfully from wherever we are, and with whatever we are doing.”

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