iTrip Vacations® Clearwater Creates Lifestyle Business, Freedom

iTrip Vacations® Clearwater, owned and managed by Kevin Jenkins, began in 2010 after Jenkins decided it was time to take control of his future. He joined iTrip Vacations® and created a franchise lifestyle business that he controls from where he wants to live.

“I wanted the ultimate freedom of being my own boss,” Jenkins says. “I worked in financial services for over 20 years and was tired of corporate America. Boss changes, region changes, company direction changes. There were so many outside events that could affect my career I had no control over.”

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That’s when iTrip Vacations® Clearwater began. A vacation property management franchise company that delivers services not found elsewhere. With iTrip Vacations® Clearwater, property homeowners can trust Jenkins and his team to manage all the bookings, marketing, customer service, inspections, maintenance and cleaning, and other important tasks.

“I moved around a lot in my previous career, and one of those stops was Tampa Bay, so I was familiar with Clearwater,” Jenkins says. “My office is where people pay money to come to.”

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iTrip Vacations® Clearwater Lifestyle Business Success

For Jenkins, iTrip Vacations® Clearwater is more than freedom. He has created a community-driven business that trickles down and benefits the entire travel community. Not only does he provide vacation homeowners with high-quality services and increase their net rental income, he also connects with local real estate agents.

“The biggest reason for my success is the relationships I have developed with local real estate agencies,” he says. “The agents find buyers for the properties, and I make those buyers comfortable with making that investment because they feel they will make money with me. I’ve become the guy who helps agents close the deal.”

These real estate agents join the FREE iTrip Vacations®’ referral program. Agents who sign up receive a referral commission on each property, free advertising on iTrip Vacations® and no limit on earnings. Additionally, iTrip Vacations® doesn’t sell real estate, so there’s no competition.

“The main reason we are better than our competition is the exposure we get the owner for their rental property,” Jenkins says. “My competition cannot afford to advertise as much as I can. Because of that, my occupancy is significantly higher, and I make more money for myself and my property owners.”

All the work pays off because at the end of the day, it’s about the lifestyle business he created with iTrip Vacations®.

“The job is fun. We’re trying to find the perfect place for people to spend their vacations,” he says. “I spend most of my time either in my home or on the beach. My dress code is pretty much whatever I want to wear. I have a closet full of suits that just hang there now.”

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