iTrip Vacations® Branson Builds Entrepreneurial Success in Missouri

Going through a company lay-off is one of the most stressful events an adult can experience. However, it can also lead to something even better: An entrepreneurial opportunity. That was the case with Paul McAnaw, owner and manager of iTrip Vacations® Branson. Here’s his story.

How iTrip Vacations® Provides an Alternate to Corporate Careers

“I started with iTrip in late spring of 2013,” McAnaw says. “I got laid off of my job in 2008, so I was under-employed or unemployed for some time. It seems when you reach a certain age, a lot of companies don’t want to hire you, or they hire two people for less than they would have had to pay you.”

McAnaw was then approached by a headhunter who presented a few opportunities, including the iTrip Vacations® franchise model.

“She had a few business opportunities for me, but I kept coming back to iTrip,” he says. “After viewing the videos online and seeing the caliber of people involved, I got excited about it. Then I had conference calls with three markets and thought, ‘I can do this!'”

And so iTrip Vacations® Branson began, a full-service vacation property management company in Missouri that helps owners increase their net rental income while providing high-quality service to guests.

iTrip Vacations® Branson manages the entire vacation rental experience – from preparing and listing rental properties to ensuring guests have everything they need. The company helps rental owners maximize their investments while increasing bookings and online exposure. It’s a win-win for everyone who works with McAnaw and his team.

iTrip Vacations® Branson: Rapid Growth, Success

itrip vacations branson rental homes

McAnaw was no stranger to building business success. Previously, he worked in sales in the trucking industry, helping businesses grow exponentially.

“In eight years at my previous job, I started with zero accounts and zero revenue,” he says. “Eight years later, I had built the revenue up to $17.5 million per year.”

He brought this experience with him to iTrip Vacations®. His ability to grow revenue paired with iTrip’s systems and processes have allowed his iTrip Vacations® Branson franchise to generate increased revenue year after year.

More Than Numbers: It’s a Lifestyle

The iTrip Vacations® Branson franchise also fit McAnaw’s lifestyle and location. He was able to stay in the Branson area and build a business he can proudly serve.

“I am so lucky. When I was contacted about iTrip, I lived about 30 minutes from the Branson area, so it was a natural fit,” he says. “Branson gets over 8.5 million visitors every year, and it’s a great family vacation destination.”

Those vacationing in Branson enjoy hundreds of live shows throughout the year as well as year-round outdoor recreation options. The city is known as the live show capital of the world and hosts big-names and local acts regularly. In addition, Branson’s Ozark Mountains location provides ample outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, fishing, hunting and spelunking.

Families also have access to attractions. A few include: Silver Dollar City — one of the top theme parks in the U.S. — a zoo, Branson Scenic Railway, the World’s Largest Toy Museum, Hollywood Wax Museum, and Branson Landing. Situated in downtown, Branson Landing houses more than 100 restaurants, shops and a large fountain that has 120-foot water geyser shows.

“Helping vacation property owners make more money feels great, but I also enjoy providing customer service to our Branson visitors,” McAnaw says. “I love hearing they had a great time and will come back. It’s all good.”

Photo courtesy of Branson CVB.