iTrip® Adjusts Cleaning Standards to Follow CDC Guidelines

As an innovator in short-term rental property management, iTrip has set a new standard in cleaning operations in order to follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. The company’s advisory council, which includes franchisees from all over North America, has finalized a plan that applies to all rental properties under iTrip management.

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iTrip New Cleaning Guidelines

“We recognize the importance of safety for our guests, property owners and local franchise owner/operators,” says Steve Caron, Chief Operating Officer of iTrip. “That’s why we have partnered with VRMA and professional cleaning companies, and involved our local property managers to create guidelines based on updated CDC policies.”

The new guidelines were created by iTrip in partnership with and Operations for Higher. The living document, which is updated as changes occur, details orders of operation, equipment, procedures, and special standards each home requires before and after each guest stay.

“Our expectation is cleaning contractors who work with iTrip will follow these guidelines to ensure we provide safe and clean properties,” Caron says.

iTrip’s Housekeeping Processes

The new housekeeping processes include a six-step guide paired with room-specific checklists, which include dusting, cleaning and disinfecting. In addition, cleaning companies and property managers will focus on key touch-point objects, including switches, remote controls, phones, tables, HVAC controls, handles and other areas.

Here’s an overview of what the processes entail and common terms:

  • Cleaning: Removal of visible soil from objects and surfaces. Cleaning is essential before high-level disinfection can take place.
  • Disinfection: Works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. Killing germs remaining on a surface after cleaning further reduces risk of spreading infection.
  • Dwell Time: The amount of time a surface must remain wet and undisturbed to effectively clean and disinfect.
  • Treatment of Contact Surfaces: Surfaces frequently touched by guests. Common surfaces include: TV screens, remote controls, door knobs, cabinet handles, coffee tables, light switches, end tables, counter-tops, refrigerator doors, etc.
  • Stay Current: iTrip is monitoring the situation 24/7 and will adjust procedures as needed.

Future Plans and Special Guidelines

In addition, iTrip created separate guidelines for deep cleans, viral contamination cleaning and pest containment. All of these updated processes will better protect guests, property owners, cleaning and maintenance staff, and property managers. Each property is also professionally inspected to ensure guidelines have been met.

“We also expect some industry guidelines and third-party booking channels to release their own protocols,” Caron says. “When they do, we will modify our guidelines to ensure we have the best processes possible that also allow iTrip franchise property managers to safely and efficiently run their operations.”

For a full detailed description of iTrip new cleaning procedures, contact a professional short-term property manager for information.

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