Getting Around Maui: Island Tips for Arriving Guests

Depending on flight times, home base and budget, getting around Maui may seem confusing — especially for first-timers. Should you rent a car? Is the area walkable? What about shuttles and ride share options? To help decide what works best, here are some island tips for arriving guests.

Getting Around Maui: Tips for Island Travelers

Resort life

Those who book a rental on a resort may never have to leave the area. Many resorts offer easy beach access, proximity to nearby restaurants, community pools and on-site services. Maui offers several shuttle services, but Speedi Shuttle and and Executive Transportation rank among the most popular. Book reservations ahead of time, and check for shuttle vans that make regular stops at the airport.

Focus on Local Regions

If planning to spend most of vacation on one part of the island, consider taking a taxi or public bus (exact change) when it’s time to venture out. Maui has 13 public bus routes that travel to various points of the island. Taking the bus can save hundreds on transportation per day. View the Maui bus schedule and pricing info.

Visitors also can call for taxis and use Uber ride-sharing services. Uber often costs a fraction of the cost of traditional taxis.

Exploring the Island

Maui features five different regions worth exploring. If a vacation full of sightseeing and adventure sounds good, it’s best to rent a car. Plan ahead to decide which car best fits the schedule. Consider a all-terrain vehicle with GPS if visiting remote spots. If planning to stay on main roads and highways, a comfortable compact or full-size should work well.

Driving Around Maui

It’s important for visitors to remember that Maui is an island with a laid-back culture. Curve road rage and only use car horns if in danger. Drive slowly, let locals pass and let in traffic as needed. Avoid tailgating, yield to oncoming traffic and stay courteous.

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