St. Pete Dessert Spots: 7 Places to Indulge Sweet Cravings

St. Petersburg, Florida, is well known for its vibrant dining scene, but the city also houses some of the best restaurants for sweets. When it’s hard to resist a sugar-craving or time to cool off, these St. Pete dessert spots welcome guests to indulge in rich flavors and treats. Many also offer additional menu items and beverages, so guests can relish all their treats. Learn more about these seven sweet spots.

Top St. Pete Dessert Spots the Family Can’t Resist

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Kick Back at Kilwins

Outside on the Kilwins’ canopy, visitors see the words: chocolates, fudge and ice cream. When looking for top St. Pete dessert spots, that’s all one needs. Serving sweet lovers since 1947, Kilwins has ranked as a favorite for its Mackinac Island Fudge, homemade ice cream, handcrafted chocolates and caramel apples.

Perfect on a hot day, Kilwins serves more than 40 varieties of ice creams, including favorites such as chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, and Georgia peach. The restaurant also welcomes visitors to tour the kitchen and see how these delicious desserts are made.

Let Kings Street Shake It Up

One of the newer additions to the St. Pete food scene is Kings Street Food Corner, which is a pet- and family-friendly restaurant in downtown St. Pete.

Even though guests have a variety of menu items, Kings has a growing reputation for great desserts, especially milkshakes. These $5 shakes are available different flavors, such as chocolate whopper, strawberry shortcake, and cookie monsta. Popular traditional dessert items include Ramsey’s Root Bear Float, Sundae Fundae and Chocolate Cronut.

Order a Cone at Old Farmer’s

Old Farmer’s Creamery houses Larry’s Ice Cream Parlor, named a best place for ice cream sundaes by CBS Tampa. Larry’s has been a St. Pete dessert staple for more than 30 years and also serves old-fashioned shakes, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gourmet pastries.

In addition, Old Farmer’s offers a variety of ice cream flavors, all delicious in either sugar, waffle or traditional cones. Frequent visitors rave about the affordable prices, friendly staff and sample options. Visitor tip: Bring cash because this spot doesn’t take cards or checks.

Try Gelato at Paciugo

Another award-winning St. Pete dessert spots is Paciugo, which specializes in gelato. Guests of all ages enjoy Paciugo for its large selection of ever-changing flavors as well as coffee.

Popular gelato options include traditional favorites such as chocolate and pistachio, however guests can also try flavors ranging from Mediterranean sea-salt caramel to tiramisu. Those looking for dairy-free options can try fruity sorbets, while coffee lovers can order gelato shakes or creamy espressos.

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Stop by Sweet Magnolia Bakery

Sweet aromas from fresh-baked pastries and desserts sweep visitors off their feet at St. Pete Bakery. This spot was created by executive pastry chef Michael Ostrander, who opened the bakery more than 10 years ago in St. Pete.

With a focus on quality and flavors, selections include whoopie pies, dessert bars, hand-dipped fruits, brownies, cakes and tarts. St. Pete Bakery not only ranks as one of the best in the area for sweet treats, but it’s located around the corner from Sunken Gardens.

Make It a Swah-rey

Known to many as “the dessert bar” in St. Pete, (swah-rey) specializes in desserts large and small. Guests can order a slice of cake, such as coconut or red velvet, pies in a glass, cheesecakes, and macaroons.

Pie-in-a-glass flavors include banana cream, lemon cream, chocolate and vanilla. Guests can also order the apple brown Betty or a rich crème brulee. (swah-rey) also features a variety of beers and wines sourced from local vendors.

Sample Sweet Divas

Chocolate lovers should stop by Sweet Divas Chocolates to sample fine Belgian chocolates, cupcakes and muffins. Professional chocolateers select and mix dark, milk, and white chocolates, and then craft them in ways many find irresistible.

Cupcakes feature diva-inspired names, such as Helen Curly Brown and Coconut Chanel, and the M&M (mimosa and muffin) is a weekend-morning must. This top St. Pete dessert spot also serves artisan ice cream, specialty coffees and teas, fine champagnes and wines, and European sipping chocolates.

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