Travel Tips: How to Take Quality Vacation Photos With the Family

Vacations create moments that travelers want to capture. Whether riding a coaster, skiing down a mountain or digging toes into the sand, each moment warrants a great photo. But sometimes it’s difficult to find great shots to post on Facebook or Instagram. To make sure to return from vacation with plenty of snapshots, follow these tips for creating quality vacation photos.

How to Create Quality Vacation Photos: Get the Family Ready

Pick the Time of Day

To avoid squinty faces, take photos in the morning or late afternoon. For photos during the sunniest part of the day, search for shady spots. Bright lights can cause a glare and red eye.

Adjust Settings in Advance

Most cameras have settings for daytime, movement and nighttime. Once the time of day has been selected, adjust the setting before getting the group together. When photographing kids, set up the shot and settings and shoot quickly to keep them from getting antsy. Also consider having them sit down for a moment instead of standing in one place.

Try Different Poses

For shots that look spontaneous, get the group moving. Dancing or jumping usually leads to laughing and some great photos. Try this during the first couple of days, so they don’t feel fatigued or sad to go home.

Say Whatever You Want

To guarantee natural smiles, ask everyone to repeat a short, nonsense phrase. If the group has a favorite funny phrase or catch-phrase, try that too.

Remove Gear

When setting up, ask everyone to remove hats, helmets and sunglasses. If the weather is extremely hot or cold, consider moving to a more comfortable spot.

Come Prepared

Most people use phones and digital cameras, but storage fills up fast. At the end of the day, send photos and videos to a back-up source, and start each day with plenty of space. Also bring an extra charger and memory card if needed.

Don’t Over Shoot

Families with children know they get tired and cranky as the trip goes on. Don’t expect to set up dozens of photos. Pick a few times during the trip to capture the best ones and avoid photo fatigue.

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